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Why Mike Pence and Jeff Sessions should resign

Conservative Review

We must all be Michael Morell now.

We must resign.

Morell resigned from his post as non-resident senior fellow of Harvard’s Kennedy School after the gender-bending traitor formerly known as Bradley Manning was invited also to be a visiting fellow this year.

In doing so, Morell still managed to grovel at the feet of the Rainbow Jihad, stating his support for Manning’s bra- and makeup-wearing fetish. But apparently he was not willing to become a total shill for the destruction of his country. The overall thrust of his argument was that we are running out of grownups in a world that must do better at sorting the good from the terribly bad.

Morell explained in his resignation letter that the Kennedy School’s invitation to Manning will “assist Ms. Manning [sic] in her [sic] long-standing effort to legitimize the criminal path that she [sic] took to prominence” and “may encourage others to leak classified information as well.”

You bet your cuck it does. Which begs this follow-up question: Who else in the current American political landscape has legitimized a path to fame and influence that has encouraged others to behave according to all their worst impulses and intuitions?

I’ll give you a hint: He’s spent almost a year now MAGA-ing his way to improving the standing of Obamacare and cozying up to amnesty — otherwise arguably known as the greatest political betrayal of an election platform in the history of American politics.

That’s right! Mistuh Twump is your guy.

That’s why the time to hope for the best with him, as I publicly did immediately following his election after months of #NeverTrump activism, is dead and gone. It is now abundantly clear for all to see that Trump has perpetuated a fraud and must actively be opposed. For no one is more fervently #NeverTrump than Trump himself.

We must resign from the notion that he is “better than Hillary.” Spending the month of September trading bedroom eyes with Democratic leadership isn’t a gambit of four-dimensional chess. Oh, no. Because Hillary was right about this: It does indeed take a village, and Trump has chosen his.

He’s a New York progressive. Always was. Which means he lies. A lot.

He’s a progressive who wore various masks, going back to 2011, when he became a Republican and began his long con. But now he’s like Will Ferrell’s character in the movie “Old School” — just publicly admitting that the man he really wants to be is the one who drunkenly strips buck-naked and runs through the streets because that’s his narcissistic version of “Chariots of Fire.”

We must resign from emoting, psychologizing, or parsing both our logic and our hopes as if such a tawdry scam can be remade to our liking or its damage can be minimized because of the magic R. Trump counts on that. He counted on that all the way to the White House.

Enough already.

G.K. Chesterton wisely said that “evil always take advantage of ambiguity.” Preach? In fact, preach it high and preach it low.

So we must resign from refusing to make the main thing the main thing. Either we are a nation built on the laws of nature and nature’s God, or we are not. And if we are, men like Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions should resign from their cherished seats at the table in protest.

Because those seats at the table were never any better than playing Russian roulette. But now the deal has been altered further, and winning simply isn’t an option unless you refuse to play the game. Because even if you manage to avoid that first bullet in the chamber, Trump has made it clear the game is rigged against everyone. There’s a hand grenade with the pin pulled under every seat.

So resign. Write a big, fat John Hancock that says “no more,” and do everything you can to alter our wretched course. Because staying on board while Trump hands the reins to his new BFFs “Chuck and Nancy” makes you an accomplice to the scam.

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