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This will preach, even if it’s from Barack Obama

Conservative Review

God bless Barack Obama.

Yeah, I said it. Just like I praised Kirsten Powers earlier this week for her public act of contrition concerning the Covington Catholic boys and her failings in her Christian witness in general.

News flash: Dispensing grace isn’t an option for us in such times. We are commanded to welcome home the prodigal son with much rejoicing by the Lord himself. And so I shall. I was once such as they, and I will be again. So will you.

Obama this week threw victimology and trans nonsense to the side for a while and talked with great clarity about how to be a real man. The occasion was the fifth anniversary and first national gathering of My Brother’s Keeper, which is part of the Obama Foundation and works to improve opportunities for minority boys.

Joined by Golden State Warriors basketball superstar Stephen Curry, Obama stressed that life as portrayed by rap or hip-hop videos is not a path toward respectability.

“We live in a culture where our worth is measured by how much money we have and how famous we are,” Obama said. “I will tell you, at the end of the day, the thing that will give you confidence is not that. I know a lot of rich people that are all messed up. If you are really confident about your financial situation, you’re probably not going to be wearing an 8-pound chain around your neck. If you’re very confident about your sexuality, you don’t have to have eight women around you twerking.”

That will preach. Obama said several things at this high-profile event that folks like me are called bigots for saying, and he presumably did it knowing that he would get publicity for it. Which means that propaganda and victimology be damned, he was determined to tell the truth this time.

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