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WTF MSM!? At Google, dissenters need not apply

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Trump, Blumenthal, and the NYT …

The eye of the tweetstorm … Yesterday, after a brief break, the acerbic version of President Donald Trump came back to Twitter. His sights were set squarely on Sen. Blumenthal, D. Conn., reminding his followers of the senator’s stolen valor. The New York Times’ Michael Schmidt jumped on the chance to remind Trump that it was the Times that “broke” the story of the stolen valor.

The Washington Free Beacon’s Alex Griswold reminded Schmidt that the Times only reported the opposition research package the Linda McMahon campaign gave the paper, in a series of three tweets. This is not out of the ordinary during campaigns. The majority of “stories” you hear about politicians during election season are usually the result of oppo dumps.

Speaking of the Times … Just a short while after blaming Sarah Palin for the shooting of Gabby Giffords, the NYT opinion pages are glorifying Lenin. No, really, they are. Here’s the tweet: “What Lenin's love of camping and hiking did for nature conservation in Russia” Don't worry; even though Lenin ushered in one of the most murderous governments in history, whose reign of terror lasted eight decades, Lenin loved the outdoors. That means that, like the NY Times, you should love Lenin.

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