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WTF MSM!? Nazis and Communists are both evil …

Conservative Review

Yes, some people opposed to fascists are evil …

Politico writer calls Mollie Hemingway a Nazi … Last night, Mollie Hemingway tweeted: “The argument Trump was wrong to point out problems of violent leftist mobs is better made if you don't endorse violent leftist mobs.” For that tweet, Marc A. Caputo, a writer for Politico Florida, tweeted that Mollie was a “Stürmer” and the equivalent of “David Duke.” Caputo showed that he is not a journalist but a leftist agitator. I wrote about the incident at CR.

Not everyone fighting Nazis is good … Lots of media folks with blue – “verified” – checkmarks on Twitter are trying to downplay any moral equivalence between Nazis and communists lately. You may have seen the memes; they have U.S. soldiers from WWII on them with the term “alt-Left.” They downplay the communist roots of the most violent actors on the Left who went to Charlottesville looking for a fight with the equally repugnant neo-Nazis and white supremacists.

Matt Walsh summed it up best: “If you equate the group on the left [Antifa communist thugs] with the group on the right [D-Day troops] you are a liar and a disgrace.”

No, Mr. Politico writer, Noah C. Rothman was not defending Nazis … The professional leftists in the media are having a very difficult time admitting that Antifa is made up of violent leftists. Matthew Nussbaum, the White House reporter at Politico, tweeted at Commentary’s Noah Rothman: “Is it strange that being a conservative has come to mean defending Nazis and demonizing those they attacked?”

That is most definitely NOT what Rothman’s point was. It was in response to Mitt Romney’s tweet saying everyone fighting Nazis are upstanding folk. They all aren’t. Some are violent communists, like Antifa. We can all walk and chew gum at the same time.

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