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WTF MSM!? Radical Christians as scary as jihadis

Conservative Review

“Conservative” and “Republican” voices …

LOL Bill Kristol … It isn’t just the left-leaning MSM that makes us scratch our heads. It is also the so-called conservative media, like Bill Kristol and The Weekly Standard. This time, TWS published an article saying that Trump must be getting ready to leave the GOP because he’s attacking Mitch McConnell. Um … if that’s the case, I know a lot of ordinary Republicans who are ready to leave too … oh wait, imagine if that happened.

Christians as scary as jihadis … Matthew Dowd, a former GOP political consultant who now proclaims his proud independence on Twitter, tweeted: “A fundamentalist radical Christian is just as misguided and frightening as a fundamentalist radical Muslim. No difference.” Why is that in a media criticism email? Well, Dowd is now the chief political analyst at ABC News. That’s what the inside-the-Beltway crowd thinks of you, folks.

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