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WTF MSM!? The partisan DOJ

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Alternate realities …

The partisans at DOJ … Day after day, more information has come out about just how partisan employees at the DOJ and FBI are. To recap: We’ve learned that an FBI agent on Mueller’s team exchanged anti-Trump text messages with another FBI agent he is accused of having an affair with. On Thursday we learned that a “top DOJ official” was demoted after the DOJ learned he had contacts with Fusion GPS, the firm that created the Trump dossier. These are serious allegations carrying the appearance of corruption in the Russia investigations.

Too much focus? … As LevinTV host Mark Levin said on his Tuesday night radio program, as we learn more information about the motivations of those involved in the Mueller probe, it is clear that it’s a “partisan hack job.” Members of the media with any actual objectivity would see this. CNN’s media critic/cheerleader Brian Stelter likes to think he is objective, but his response to the new information is anything but.

In his daily email yesterday, Stelter continued to paint Fox News’ coverage of the damaging information as an “alternate universe.” He claims that Fox viewers aren’t hearing about what he calls bombshell developments in the probe. Of course they are, but they are also hearing about the motivations of those producing the developments. That is an equally important part of the story, and Fox and other outlets are right to cover it.

Happens to the best of us … Something a little lighter for a Friday. A few weeks ago, I mistakenly emailed you with the subject “placeholder.” It wasn’t part of some test to see if you’d open the email. You always do! Thanks! No, it was a mistake, I forgot to update with the actual subject line before sending. Something similar just happened to the UK’s Cambridge News, which printed the paper with a “placeholder” headline of sorts. As Bill Clinton would say, “I feel your pain.”

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