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Virtually no coverage of Obama-Clinton Russian uranium BOMBSHELL

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Where’s the coverage …

Nothing on CNN … More than 24 hours ago, The Hill reported that the FBI knew of, and was investigating, Russian bribes before the Obama administration approved a deal giving Russians control of a significant portion of U.S. uranium production. Not a single word from CNN. This happened way back in the early days of the Obama presidency, and investigators were looking into payments made to the Clinton Foundation that may have swayed Hillary Clinton, who was part of the chain of approval of the deal. You wouldn’t know that if you watched CNN. As of noon today, the only reference to the bombshell report was during live coverage of a hearing involving Senator Jeff Sessions before a Senate committee. There have been no produced news reports on the network, according to the TV Eyes Media Monitoring Suite. It is a total blackout.

Nothing on the website either … There has been no coverage on CNN digital pages, either. This is par for the course with CNN for Obama administration scandals. The big hook being missed is that Special Counsel Robert Mueller was FBI director when this deal was approved. He is now investigating a different Russian “collusion.” There should be serious questions raised as to whether or not he can be impartial, given his role in this earlier case.

Nothing on the broadcast networks, either … Our friends at NewsBusters show that there was no coverage of the uranium news on the networks, either. They further report that the networks, across all news programming, have spent a whopping total of 181 seconds on the Clinton Foundation scandal. That’s huge bias, plain and simple.

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