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Abortionists and Planned Parenthood Shooter Are Just Two Sides Of The Same Coin


The lives that were snuffed out in the front of the building weren't any more or less human than the lives exterminated in the back.

Mugshot of Robert L. Dear, the suspect in the Colorado Planned Parenthood attack Friday that left three people dead, released by the Colorado Springs Police Department. (Image via Twitter @CSPDPIO)

On Friday, a man named Robert Dear shot several people in a Colorado Planned Parenthood abortion facility. Tragically, three were killed, including an incredibly courageous and heroic pro-life Christian police officer. Two civilians were also murdered. Nine others were wounded in the attack, and the majority of them were cops. There were no abortion workers killed. Presumably, a number of unborn babies lost their precious lives in the building that day as well, but they will never be named and no memorials will ever be held for them.

It might not surprise you to learn that I have a few things to say about all of this:

1. The shooter is insane, not pro-life.

The left has predictably turned this outrageous assault on police and civilians into an opportunity to indict Christians, white people, and pro-lifers, despite the fact that religion, race, and politics have nothing to do with this. Whatever else Dear is or isn't, we know that he's primarily a deranged recluse who lived for a while in a shed in the woods and registered to vote as an unaffiliated female.

His neighbors say he was a bizarre, disheveled weirdo who couldn't hold "cognitive" conversations. As one acquaintance put it, he "wasn't right in the head." He's a nut, in other words. Not everyone who commits atrocities can be called a nut, but this guy has sufficiently earned the label. He's textbook nut, through and through, with the traditional crazed facial expression and shack in the wilderness and everything else to go along with it.

Mugshot of Robert L. Dear, the suspect in the Colorado Planned Parenthood attack Friday that left three people dead, released by the Colorado Springs Police Department. (Image via Twitter @CSPDPIO)

The police tell us he mentioned "baby parts" to investigators after the fact, but they also tell us he rambled about many things disjointedly. Dear has no history of pro-life activism and his ex-wife reported that abortion "was not a topic of discussion" in their house. It seems, then, the reason police haven't, as of this writing, released comprehensive details about his motivation is that his motivations are psychotic and jumbled. Still, that has not prevented abortion enthusiasts on the left from gleefully spiking the football as if some point has been proven by the random violent outburst of a paranoid hermit.

Within hours of the news breaking, my Facebook and Twitter feeds were clogged by leftists who could not possibly wait to triumphantly inform me that the shooting was my fault. As they explained, I should "feel guilty" and be "held accountable" for "inciting" violence by vocally opposing Planned Parenthood's practice of crushing the skulls of human children (never mind the logistical question of how a kook who lived in the forest without electricity could be incited by bloggers on the internet).



Naturally, Planned Parenthood itself didn't hold off until the bodies were cold before it placed the blame at the feet of pro-life "extremists." Bernie Sanders and the governor of Colorado and many other Democrats and abortion worshiping liberals likewise explained how "rhetoric" from conservatives and Republicans prompted these events. Hillary Clinton jumped into action politicizing the shooting and declaring her resolve to "stand with" the killers of children.

Many leftists hysterically shrieked about an imaginary epidemic of "anti-abortion terrorism," which seems like an odd claim in light of the fact that anti-abortion violence is at a historic low. Huffington Post, in one of the most staggeringly manipulative pieces of propaganda-disguised-as-news I've ever seen, announced the "return of anti-abortion terror," and accompanied that headline with an unrelated picture of a Westboro Baptist buffoon from seven years ago.


I have noticed among progressives very little actual concern for the heroic law enforcement officer who lost his life in the line of duty, or for the slain civilians. While three families are burying their loved ones, the American left is preoccupied as always with burying the pro-life movement. But Robert Dear has no association with the pro-life movement. He's not one of ours. He's a maniac, that's all.

2. It is utterly disingenuous to demand that pro-lifers "publicly condemn" these attacks.

Obviously it is a horrendous evil to kill and maim the innocent. Obviously this act of mass murder is indefensible, ghastly, reprehensible, etc. Obviously Robert Dear should be locked away forever. Obviously pro-lifers condemn what he did. Obviously. I've never heard even the most radical pro-lifer (a very small demographic) suggest, propose, encourage, or applaud the murder of cops and civilians.

This goes without saying. It goes without saying because, for one thing, we're pro-life. For another, there's no logic in it. Not even a militant logic. For another, fatal attacks on abortion clinics and abortionists are extremely, extremely, extremely rare. Using liberal (in both senses of the word) estimates, there have been eight murders carried out by alleged "anti-abortion activists" in 40 years. Meanwhile, over 50 million babies have been killed by abortion during that span.

50 million.

50 million to eight.

I say it again. 50 million to eight.

50 MILLION TO eight.

That's like 1.7 abortion workers killed for every 10 million babies they kill. Planned Parenthood alone executes almost 900 babies EVERY DAY. To put that in perspective, Planned Parenthood has butchered 100 times more babies in a day than alleged "anti-abortion activists" have murdered in over 14,000 days. And yet we're the ones who have to go before the cameras and swear off violence? We're the ones who have to be seen condemning murder, as if there's any reasonable question at all about where we stand on the subject?

It's the abortion industry that does almost all of the murdering on Earth. About 430,000 people are murdered in the world every year, not counting the unborn. The abortion industry murders over a million in the U.S. alone.

Did you get that? The abortion industry in this country kills twice as many people in a year as all of the other murderers in the entire world combined. But if one shooting happens at a Planned Parenthood murder clinic, suddenly the rest of us have to prove our anti-murder bona fides?

Anti-abortion activists hold a rally opposing federal funding for Planned Parenthood in front of the U.S. Capitol July 28, 2015 in Washington, DC. (Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

Half the country identifies as pro-life, even as abortionists exterminate a million American children on an annual basis. If there existed any statistically significant minority of violent pro-lifers; if murder was viewed as at all acceptable by any portion of the pro-life population; if "anti-abortion terrorism" was an actual problem, there'd be a lot more than eight dead abortionists to show for it over the last four decades. As it stands, George Tiller, the heinous late-term baby executioner who ruthlessly slaughtered thousands of viable and fully developed infants, is the only abortion worker to be killed by an abortion opponent this century. That's it. One. And he was one of the most dangerous, vicious, and murderous human beings to have ever lived.

In light of that fact, it's clear that abortion workers can go to their jobs and kill babies and make money and walk around in public, and they still have a better chance of getting struck by lightening twice while being devoured by a swarm of piranhas than getting murdered by a "pro-life extremist." Half the country sees them as serial killers of children, yet they remain basically safe and secure. This incredible facts speaks to the profound restraint and peacefulness of pro-lifers. Pro-aborts should be singing praises to our commitment to peace -- a commitment that remains in tact even in the face of their brutality and carnage -- rather than waiting eagerly for the once-in-a-decade occurrence of supposed "anti-abortion violence."

The whole routine is beyond ludicrous. Pro-lifers should not feed into it, go along with it, or reinforce the narrative in the slightest. We have nothing to prove. We pro-lifers, more than any other group in the world, have consistently and zealously demonstrated our opposition to murder. We've in fact dedicated our lives to the message. There could be no doubt in the mind of any honest person about our position on the issue. Whoever pretends to doubt it is lying, plain and simple.

3. There's nothing more sickening than listening to abortionists complain that people hate them.

Many liberals, including abortionist cartels like the National Abortion Federation, have demanded that pro-lifers change or "tone down" their rhetoric in response to this evil act. Planned Parenthood abortionists and executives spent all weekend tearfully complaining about the mean old pro-lifers who are supposedly so "hateful" and "angry" and "inflammatory" all the time. Even Ben Carson agreed that "hateful rhetoric" on "both sides" has "exacerbated the situation." A colossally stupid thing for anyone to say, especially a pro-life Republican, considering "pro-life rhetoric" fundamentally consists of promoting the sanctity of life and passionately opposing the destruction of innocent life.

There should be less of that in response to murder? We should be less passionate in our defense of innocent life when innocent life is destroyed? Let me get this straight: someone murdered because we said people shouldn't murder, so now we should stop criticizing people who murder so that people won't murder? That's a point of view too incoherent to entertain even if I was inclined to make an attempt.

Planned Parenthood kills babies. Planned Parenthood sells the parts of dead babies. Planned Parenthood is a rotten, corrupt, depraved, vile, disgusting, brutal, murderous conglomerate of butchers and mercenaries. These statements are true and necessary, and the last thing I would ever do is "tone them down" or take a break from saying them just because some innocent people were murdered at one of their establishments. Innocent people are murdered at their establishments EVERY DAY, and that's EXACTLY WHY I say them and will continue to say them as loudly and clearly as I can.

Activists hold a rally opposing federal funding for Planned Parenthood in front of the U.S. Capitol on July 28, 2015 in Washington, D.C. The measure to defund Planned Parenthood in the Senate ultimately failed though. (Olivier Douliery/Getty Images)

The "hatred" from pro-lifers is usually a hatred for the act of killing children. Yes, I do hate abortion. Yes, I am angry about it. Yes, I do want to be inflammatory and provocative when I discuss it because my intention is to inflame and provoke a passion for protecting innocent life. No, none of that will change, ever, under any circumstance. For their part, abortion fanatics hate pro-lifers personally. They hate Christianity. They hate children. They hate life itself. Theirs is the sort of hatred that destroys the soul and dissolves the human conscience. We hate what is evil; they hate what is good.

That said, I have no intention to hide from the uglier realities. I will admit -- and I can't speak for everyone -- that sometimes I might feel hatred for the abortionists themselves. As a Christian, I know this is wrong. Christ tells us we should not hate, I realize. But sometimes, when a man performs the most abhorrent and flagrant kinds of evils, he might elicit a deep loathing in the hearts of others. Those who feel it must pray to be healed of it, but I simply cannot abide these abortionist acting shocked and offended that other human beings may feel a profound animosity towards them because they regularly massacre precious children. It's like a Nazi standing up at Nuremberg and scolding society for hating him. Yes, we should always be sure to hate the sin and not the sinner, but when the sin is this abominable, the sinner simply has no place to lecture us about our feelings.

We will pray that God gives us a spiritual peace even in the face of this great evil, but we don't need your help, Planned Parenthood. Why don't you just shut up and work on not killing babies? If you want to stop people from hating you, that's what you could do to quickly solve the problem.

4. The Planned Parenthood shooting only proves that Planned Parenthood is evil.

Speaking of rhetoric, if anyone needs to change it or "tone it down," it's probably the side whose rhetoric explicitly justifies the extermination of  human beings. They are the ones who degrade the value of human life, and create, as Planned Parenthood has called it, a "toxic environment."

They spread violence and hatred. They sell it as a product. They use it as a tool. They've made a billion dollar business out of it. If anyone made this madman think it was OK to kill people at Planned Parenthood, it was Planned Parenthood. For God's sake, the buildings are designed for killing. Who's sending the mixed messages here?

If Robert Dear's choices prove anything about pro-lifers, it's that we're right: murder is evil. That's the reason why we oppose Planned Parenthood -- because it murders, and murder is evil. It's just that when you murder adults who have names and jobs and Social Security numbers and Facebook pages, everyone knows it's evil. You're taking something that everyone knows you have no right to take. You're ending a life that everyone is willing to call a life. 

A Planned Parenthood location is seen on August 5, 2015 in New York City. The women's health organization has come under fire from Republicans recently after an under cover video allegedly showed a Planned Parenthood executive discussing selling cells from aborted fetuses. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

But the lives that were snuffed out in the front of the building weren't any more or less human than the lives exterminated in the back. Our humanity does not exist on a spectrum. Human life is not acquired in degrees. You don't earn a little more each step of the way, like merit badges in the Boy Scouts. Life is life. Murder is murder. That's our point, as pro-lifers.

We oppose Robert Dear for the same reason we oppose the abortionist, and the abortionist for the same reason as Robert Dear. We cry out against the murderer who uses a rifle in the lobby for the same reason we cry out against the murderer who uses a scalpel and a suction tube down the hallway in room three. As pro-lifers, we affirm that Officer Garrett Swasey's life was meaningful and purposeful and beautiful, just as we affirm that those children's lives were meaningful and purposeful and beautiful. To destroy and discard any of them is an outrage and a tragedy that screams to God for justice.

So while Robert Dear provided us with yet another illustration of why it's evil to be a mass shooter, he also provided us with an illustration of why it's evil to be an abortionist. What makes one evil is what makes the other evil. They are distinguishable only in style, volume, and popularity.

Planned Parenthood would like to pretend that Robert Dear reveals something about the pro-life cause, but that is demonstrably untrue. He clearly did not do what we do or what we encourage others to do, because all we do is strive to end the butchery and victimization of the innocent, and we urge others to do the same. He did not follow our cue in that regard. No, he followed theirs. He did what they do, which is why I detest his actions, and why I detest theirs, and why they are really two sides of the same hideous coin.

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