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Boston Reminds Us Which Political Issues Should Take Precedent


In a time when many focus on the size of gun magazines, most have taken their eyes off the ball. Many in law enforcement that encompasses Homeland Security have little to no doubt that it is only a matter of time before a weapon of mass destruction is deployed within our borders.

Jihadists have been on YouTube explaining that just 4 lbs of Anthrax can kill 300,000 Americans, or even worse, some type of nuclear devise purchased from a rouge country that dislikes America. If hundreds of thousands or possibly millions parish at the hands of Jihadists, the size of magazines will take its place in the petty issues category where it has always belonged. Imagine the horror of a Boston multiplied by many thousands; it’s coming to a city here.

On the short term, Al Qaida and Bin Laden are delivering on what they promised shortly after we entered Afghanistan.  Bin Laden promised to bring their bombers here to our streets and our streets would flow with blood. Too many discounted their threats as idle but we all saw the horrifying pictures of the blood covered sidewalk in Boston. As the little girl in the movie, Poltergeist said, “They’re here!”  It is well documented that Muslim Jihadists have crossed our southern border blended in with the masses of Hispanics. If you were in their shoes wouldn’t you?  In 2007 – 2008 border patrol stopped 1.6 million people trying to enter the U.S. through the Mexican boarder. Of those, about 300,000 of them were from somewhere other than Mexico and of those about 900 of them were SIA’s, (Special Interest Aliens.) And those numbers only reflect those that were captured.  The likelihood is that there are thousands of people here that wish to kill and harm us Americans but these are the prelude to the big bang that kills and injures countless of thousands of us Americans. But our short-sightedness as a nation will have us fighting and disagreeing on the size of gun magazines while the real killers of our citizens go unchecked. A recent tweet sums it up, “There is a terrorist in your boat, in your driveway, what size magazine do you want?”

Cell phones, mosquitoes, cars, pharmaceuticals, and many many more things kill at a higher rate than guns. Hopefully out of the tragedy of Boston will come an elevated awareness of reality as opposed to passions of opinions and egos? We recently focused on Houston where a mentally deficient person used a hobby knife to terrorize a college campus wounding many. The issue isn’t and never was the tools of killing but has always been the motives of humans possessed by anti social behavior. We focus on the tools of destruction but failed to address the systemic breakdown of society via poor education, deteriorating family structures, and moral decline. All of these branch out from the individuals that fail to educate themselves, fail at being a contributing family member, and fail at making the right life choices.

If Americans collectively focus on the sensational of today we will miss seeing the knock out punch of tomorrow. This is all part of the King of the Mountain Rule which is, when one is the King of the Mountain many attempt to knock you off so they can be King of the Mountain. Envy of stature is just one of our human short comings. The bright spot we can take away from Boston is that the American can-do spirit to rally was displayed by the stellar effort in bringing these vermin to justice.

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