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Climate Cultists' Hot Air is Still Strong in February


With the media so focused on the elections, they don't have time to fact-check climate cultists' enormities. Here are some straight facts.

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With Super Tuesday just around the corner, media attention is focused on the U.S. presidential elections. So when they do report something else, it’s usually done in an uncritical manner that fits their agenda.

It couldn’t be clearer when it comes to reporting about climate.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration recently declared January 2016 as the hottest month on record. Media have of course “forget” to mention that these records started in 1880, at the end of the Little Ice Age. They will also ignore satellite data, which still shows no warming trend for nearly 19 years and shows that January is at most the second warmest month on record. And that's because of El Nino, a natural phenomenon.

Photo credit: Shutterstock Photo credit: Shutterstock

In addition to (very probable) temperature fraud, NASA seems to have also engaged in sea-level increase fraud. From 1 millimeter/year (0.04 in) in 1982 the rate has suddenly tripled to 3.3 mm/year. And yet, 86 percent of all of NASA’s tidal gauges show an increase inferior to their “new rate,” apparently the quickest in the past 2,800 years. A Swedish expert in past climate trends calls it “very bad violation of observational facts.” Hell, even if one accepts human-induced global warming as a fact, it’s apparently slowing down sea-level increase.

Moving away from (probable) record fraud, let’s turn the spotlight on climate cultists’ disdain of freedom – also known as ecofascism.

Christiana Figueres recently stepped down as the United Nations’ climate chief. One might say “good riddance,” considering that she prefers the Chinese one-party system which doesn’t have the “legislative hurdles” countries like America have. Good riddance too because she despises the Industrial Revolution for not being centrally planned. She dreams of a centralized world where “governments have decided that they need to listen to science.”

Let’s also talk about ecofascists’ disdain from liberty of thought. A recent survey showed that a majority of Canadians (56 percent) did not believe that humans caused most of the warming presently occurring. Even the socialist province of Quebec, insulated from reason by language, had only a weak majority (52 percent) believing in human-induced climate change.

These impure thoughts did not please the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Canada’s PBS). The CBC quoted co-researcher Érik Lachapelle as being “surprised” by the result. He also believed that “Canadians are less knowledgeable than one might think on the topic.” The CBC quickly edited the article.

Finally, climate cultists are scandalized that teachers refuse to indoctrinate their students. A recent study shows that “too many” of them say that climate changes because of natural variation. Some even dare not to emphasize human influence at all.

So if you want America to continue its submission to the climate cult, vote Democrat. If not, use all your energy in order to save America from the ever-invading green blob. Otherwise your tax money will keep paying for NASA’s fraud and your children’s indoctrination.

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