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Dr. Keith Ablow: Transgender Extremism Is the Biggest Issue in America


"The assertions of transgender Americans that they are locked in the wrong bodies is in no way, in my opinion, proven scientifically."

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I believe I was the first person in America to predict that the issues at the core of transgenderism would not only come center stage, but cause deeper discord than nearly any other issue facing the United States.

Well, now the Department of Education is warning states that public school students of any anatomic and genetic gender should be allowed to use any restroom at school that they choose -- and states that resist could potentially lose federal funding. North Carolina is suing the federal government, and the federal government is suing North Carolina, over the state’s law insisting people use the restroom corresponding to their gender at birth.

AP Photo/Toby Talbot

Why is this happening? It is happening because many Americans are now seeing clearly for the first time that the assertions of a tiny percentage of the population that they are locked in the wrong bodies could end up dictating that all female Americans must accept using bathrooms alongside people with male anatomy (and vice-versa). This includes our children.

The assertions of transgender Americans that they are locked in the wrong bodies is in no way, in my opinion, proven scientifically. No researcher has ever demonstrated convincingly—not one time—that a single transgender individual shows any irrefutable physiological evidence, whatsoever, of being the gender opposite to their DNA and anatomy.

Transgender individuals, believing themselves to be female, despite having XY chromosomes, or male, despite XX chromosomes, seem to me to be indistinguishable, from a psychiatric standpoint, from those with paranoid delusions, who believe they are being stalked by the CIA, or those with anorexia who believe they are fat (even when they are thin as a rail) or those with body dysmorphic disorder who believe that their noses are imperfect and attempt to coerce plastic surgeons into one cosmetic procedure after another.

Turning our culture upside down to favor such individuals will truly, in my opinion, carry the risk of gradually making our entire nation hostage to irrational and firmly held beliefs. And if this culture caters to those beliefs, in the absence of a convincing groundswell of evidence that we ought to, then our foundation in the truth will be gone. Our worthiness as a people will be gone, too.

Let me put this starkly: America may no longer be a country worth dying for in a war against extremists if we simultaneously, psychologically abuse millions upon millions of our children by insisting that they go to the bathroom beside adults who are physically of the opposite gender. Why would a country that does that have any moral standing, whatsoever? Why would our enemies not point to that reality and mock us for criticizing darkness in their own cultures? Really, what could be worse than the Department of Education commanding schools to let anatomic boys use the girls’ locker rooms and restrooms?

This country better get its head screwed on straight, or it is either going to be taken hostage by extremists of our own (like the transgender community, insisting on a takeover of our culture and good sense) or by extremists outside our country who can assert that we, not they, represent a scourge that could topple all truth.

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