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Esau Rising' Explains Why GOP May Reconsider Obama's Future Supreme Court Pick


When the government struggles with decisions that are clear cut to the American people, know that there is something else behind it.

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Did anyone else hear that noise today? It sounded like a crack or perhaps it was more like the sound of a “yoke” breaking.

I’m talking about the crack that is quickly forming in the “armor” of the GOP who only days ago were steadfast in their conviction that they would not allow President Barack Obama to receive another win by nominating a Supreme Court justice during an election year to replace Justice Antonin Scalia.

We’ve seen this pattern before. The GOP confidently announces to the American public that they are not going to budge and won’t allow Obama to get what he’s asking for only to turn around a few days and a few backroom deals later to give him a win.

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What may be causing this to happen?

A guest I recently had on my radio show Stand For Truth Radio may describe it as the “yoke breaking around Esau’s neck and being placed on the neck of Jacob or God’s people.”

If you recall in the Bible, Esau and Jacob or Israel, who represents God’s people, were twins born to Isaac and Rebekah. Rebekah was told by God that there were two nations struggling within her womb and that the younger twin, Jacob would rule over the older twin, Esau which was not the cultural norm. The elder male child always received the birthright over the younger male in ancient times.

Rebekah was also told that this struggle between her sons and their descendants would continue for all time as an attempt to "usurp the role of God as the provider and protector.”

According to my guest, Bill Cloud, author of the new book “Esau Rising: Ancient Adversaries and the War for America’s Soul,” Esau was given the opportunity by God to remove Jacob’s yoke from around Esau’s neck and place it around Jacob’s neck instead, if Esau had a grievance against Jacob.

Cloud’s book “analyzes the characteristics and mind-set of the biblical figure Esau and explains why these traits have prophetic ramifications for our day.” He “relates them to current political and societal developments transpiring in the world and particularly in the United States.”

As Cloud put it, when we are “walking how God wants us to walk” then there is no grievance but “when Jacob or God’s people start acting like Esau which isn’t what God wants then the yoke can be broken and God will drive his people to their knees.” God wants us to follow Him.

If the GOP caves once again and allows Obama to nominate and eventually secure the appointment of his pick to the Supreme Court then we as Americans will see a shift to the progressive left like we have never seen before as Esau continues his rise in this country away from conservative Judeo-Christian principles.

Photo: B Calkins/Shutterstock

Cloud says if Esau’s yoke is removed from around his neck and placed on the necks of God’s people, he “shutters to think what that may look like.”

Christians clearly see evidence of the spirit of Esau “dominating our culture” today with examples of the Supreme Court decisions in favor of provisions of Obamacare mandating birth control be dispensed by nuns, lawsuits being filed against bakers for being forced to participate in weddings that they believe are contrary to their faith-based beliefs, attempts to force a clerk to issue marriage licenses against her religious beliefs and an indictment brought against an anti-abortion videographer.

If Christians believe recent attacks against their faith have been bad what can they expect next?

Cloud believes that the “Obama administration is the epitome of the spirit of Esau” who has through “legal attempts” “fully supported” the efforts” of the “people who are trying to bring God’s people into the subjection of their will” and away from God's will.

Therefore, why would there be any reason to believe that Obama would nominate a person who would not continue in this same vain?

Conservatives in America must rise up and defeat Esau’s rise. We can begin to do this by sending a clear message to the GOP that if they want to be elected to office or re-elected this election cycle then they must shore up any fractures within their party and not cave this time.

The ACLJ.org website has a petition calling for “No SCOTUS Nomination Before Election.” Please sign it and send a strong message to the GOP that failing is not an option.

Bill Cloud’s interview on Stand For Truth Radio can be heard in its entirety:

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