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I Can't Believe I Supported Hillary Clinton for President in 2007


Sorry, Hillary. You can't take credit for the economic successes which occurred while you were first lady, and then distance yourself from the consequences of those same policies.

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Back in 2007, I considered myself a Democrat. I was going to support Hillary Clinton against the field of nominees because I was against many of the George W. Bush policies, such as going into Iraq for Saddam Hussein, after a huge win in Afghanistan.

The first time I voted for Bill Clinton, it was to rid the White House of George H. Bush so it was only right to do the same to to his son by aligning myself with Hillary. I was so wrong.

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As part of the Democratic plantation, the things I see today only anger me I didn't see this back then. Hillary Clinton is a political survivor but she cuts down and levels those in her way, leaving a trail of scandals, lies and deceit. This isn't what makes America great. This isn't want our forefathers wanted for the future of the country. I am sure they saw it coming and put plans in place to stop the advancement of socialism but this crop of so-called leaders don't hold those truths to be self-evident.

This week, Hillary Clinton took a large swipe at Wall Street and the financial ties that bind, calling them out and placing herself above the "evil" corporate entites and once again acting as if she were the champion of the middle class.

From Reuters:

"Clinton said she would appoint strict overseers to ensure that financial institutions never again indulge in the risky behavior that helped cause the 2008 banking crash."

Somebody tell Hillary about Dodd-Frank. Dodd-Frank - passed by Democrats under President Barack Obama - was passed on the claims that is would solve this very problem. Is Hillary just ignorant of her party's proud achievement or is she admitting that Democrats' already passed "solution" to the very problem she wants to solve (again) isn't working like Democrats promised when they passed it?

Gee it would be refreshing if more Democrats followed Hillary's lead and decided to solve problems they have already been solved by admitting the solutions they said would work last time aren't working.

You cant make this kind of hypocrisy up. It's so ludicrous I don't know whether to laugh or cry.

This woman, and her husband, have used graft in conjunction with their political offices to rake in hundreds of millions of dollars in personal wealth. Does anyone really believes that she cares about the little people? Not only is she in the 1 percent that Occupy Wall Street railed against, but much of her wealth came from the very Wall Street crowd she is bashing. As an American, I find it embarrassing that such a large percentage of my fellow citizens are incapable of putting two and two together.

Just watching her speak it is clear she has no idea what she is saying, rather parroting the idiotic talking points delivered by her handlers and minions. What kind of credibility on the economy can she possibly have after declaring that "corporations don't create jobs"? And I just love that she promises to go "beyond Dodd-Frank" when that law was passed to undo the banking deregulation signed into law by ... wait for it ... Bill Clinton.

Sorry, Hillary. You can't take credit for the economic successes which occurred while you were first lady, and then distance yourself from the consequences of those same policies.

It's almost like a twilight zone to me that I supported her with all of these problems and tragic contradictions she portrays today.

I hope some of the American voters who are currently where I was in 2007 wake up and join me in 2016 to help change the course of this country and not support Hillary Clinton or the Democrat party in the general election.

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