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Is profiling racist, or does not profiling make you ignorant?

Is profiling racist, or does not profiling make you ignorant?

Since when is something we do every day taboo, like profiling? Every American who can think, profiles.

If you are looking for a mate, you profile. In fact, if you search for a mate online, the first thing you do is establish a profile. You profile yourself! When you fill out a resume to look for a job, your resume is a profile. When you show up for the interview, you are being profiled by your potential employer. You beginning to get the picture? The doorman at a trendy bar profiles, and you won’t see anybody getting into one of New York or LA’s trendy clubs who dresses like they are from the chess club. Those same doormen reject anybody wearing hoodies too.

Profiles are based on statistics—the propensity of certain demographics to do certain things. So for example, if you’re black, know that you have a 93 percent chance that the person who commits a heinous crime against you will be black, hoodie or no hoodie. That’s not the fault of statistics, those are the facts, and the facts are not the fault of an entire race, but thugs within it.

Anybody remember Georgia teenager Bobby Tillman, who was stomped, kicked and punched to death by four young men, for no apparent reason in November 2010. Or the case of Derrion Albert, a Chicago honor student stomped to death by a group of his peers in October 2009? Don’t expect the race-baiting crowd to sound any alarm bells.

As Javier David wrote in The Grio, back in 2010:

“Far too many [black community leaders] remain on the sidelines when they should be forcefully addressing the dysfunctional behavior that is far too commonplace in black communities.”

But don’t think the groups who is supposed to be fighting for all colored people is speaking out against black on black crime as David further comments:

“…the NAACP has issued a blizzard of press releases and public statements on a range of issues, yet one searches in vain for a call to action on criminality in black neighborhoods…the organization's most noteworthy contribution to public discourse was notoriously misguided feud with the Tea Party movement that alleged its members were motivated primarily by racism. Indeed, both the NAACP and the Urban League have largely devoted themselves to supporting President Obama's policies, while remaining silent on the near-apocalyptic violence that takes place in black communities on a daily basis.”

Translated: Neither the NAACP nor the Urban League will get involved in protesting any criminal activities against black people unless somebody white—or half white—is involved.

And what of Muslim profiling?

Recently the NYPD came under fire for profiling Muslim men ages 18-35 and there was massive outcry against the cops. The truth is, if radical Muslims in that demographic would stop blowing stuff up, they will cease to be profiled. Who do they expect the NYPD to watch, 80-year old grandmothers, or how about 13 year old Mexican girls?

The NYPD didn’t wake up one day and put a fatwa out on Muslims. In case people have forgotten, Muslims; radicals but Muslim nonetheless, blew up the World Trade Center buildings. Further the NYPD has thwarted many more attempts by such radicals to create havoc in America. Here are a few of the dozens of examples that we know of:

  • Six Yemeni men arrested for providing material support for Al Qaeda and running a terrorist cell in Buffalo NY.
  • Eleven members of the Virginia Jihad Network were arrested, accused of training for holy war around the globe.
  • Seven men arrested after discovered plotting to bomb the Sears Tower and FBI offices.

And the list goes on and on, yet the Muslim community is silent on the issue, as the ACLU and about every other liberal imbecile wants you to believe that this type of profiling is against the rights of Muslims. NOT profiling Muslims to find radicals is against the rights of Judeo-Christian americans, and all other americans at that.

Radical Muslims all in the U.S. and abroad plot world domination, and find more and more creative ways to blow up Americans, but we are not supposed to profile them to show our tolerance. Sure; dead people are amazingly tolerant.

Forget what you know, what you observe about the reality of your world is what the Left wants you to do. In the world of the Left, it is bad cops who have created the black on black crime statistics, and not the fault of black people for killing each other.  Also with Liberals, everybody is equally suspicious when it comes to blowing up buildings, Americans, or the military, so profile everybody equally. We all get a trophy.

I say, be proud profilers. Refuse to take Liberals’ tolerance classes, and demand classes that teach you better profiling techniques. Let any challenger to your right to profile know that you have profiled them as an ignorant, racist, meddling Liberal, and that you stand firmly by that profile.

That’s my rant!

Kevin Jackson is the National Spokesman for TheTeaParty.net, as well as an Amazon best-selling author, and blogger.

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