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Parents and doctors who push 'transgenderism' on kids should be thrown in prison
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Parents and doctors who push 'transgenderism' on kids should be thrown in prison

Arrest the doctors and parents. That's one way to deal with this problem. A moral society ought to have laws against medical and sexual experimentation on children, and the parents and doctors who conduct or facilitate it ought to be in prison. It's very simple. But I realize that the simplest concepts tend to be the most controversial these days.

OK, let's back up for a moment. There was a lengthy article in the New York Times over the weekend which they tweeted with this statement: '"Doctors are right to give transgender kids puberty-blockers and hormones at younger ages." The article was written by a dangerous, unstable quack from Yale School of Medicine named Jack Turban, who believes that children who "identify" as the opposite sex ought to be pumped full of hormones and chemicals before they reach puberty.

He uses as his case study a boy named "Hannah," who is now a "girl," and we know he's now a girl because, as Turban notes in the opening paragraph, Hannah likes to wear "leggings and oversize t-shirts." He even has "long brown hair that [he] curls around his finger." Obviously, the boy's spandex pants and long hair are a more definitive indication of his natural gender than his biological makeup. It's called science, bigots. And remember, this guy lectures at Yale. People pay 50 grand a year to be taught this kind of stuff.

Turban makes a fascinating declaration early on in his deranged treatise on the wonders of performing medical experiments on prepubescent children. He writes: "It has become clear that if we support these children in their transgender identities instead of trying to change them, they thrive instead of struggling with anxiety and depression."

Never mind that it isn't at all clear that "supporting children" (by drugging and mutilating them) somehow reduces anxiety and depression. In fact, studies have consistently shown that "transgender" suicide rates remain astronomically high regardless of how accepting society is, and it remains high even after they "transition." Forty percent of "transgenders" are trying to kill themselves not because of bullying or because they're being refused sex change treatments, but because they are confused, deluded, and they hate themselves. "Accepting" their confusing and self-loathing only exacerbates the problem.

But that aside, notice how Turban claims, incredibly, that we would be trying to "change" these children by not giving them synthetic hormones and puberty blockers. To change the child is to not change him, to not change him is to change him, to help him accept himself is to encourage him to reject himself, to encourage him to reject himself is to help him to accept himself. This is the level of coherence we're dealing with now. It has become impossible to engage the Left on this issue because their stance is so far removed from reality that no logical argument, expressed in the standard English language, can penetrate through the fog of madness.

And while we sit around having this debate, as if there's really anything to debate, more and more children are being conditioned by the culture, their parents, and the school system to believe that their biological sex is utterly irrelevant to their identity. And more and more children, poisoned by this insane lie, will soon be poisoned in a more literal sense by a medical establishment that long ago tore the "do no harm" page out of the Hippocratic Oath and burned it as an offering on the altar of money and politics.

As far as the poisoning goes, there are two different phases to the process. First is the puberty blocker which delays a child's natural puberty, interfering with his brain and muscle development, while he "figures out" if he still wants to be a he. The physical effects are severe, of course, but doctors don't even really understand the full extent of it yet. The drugs used for this purpose were designed to treat things like prostate cancer, not suppress puberty in healthy kids. Nobody knows exactly what the long term impact of this off-label usage will really be. We know that it's extremely unhealthy to use chemicals to "block" puberty, but we don't know how unhealthy because this would have been considered medical malpractice up until a few years ago, before the medical field changed its mind for ideological reasons. The first batch of kids to be pumped with these drugs are the guinea pigs. They are being experimented on, with the full approval of our society and their terrible, abusive parents.

The next step is hormone treatment. At this stage, kids are given synthetic hormones that will cause permanent changes to their body, as they begin the "transition" from male to female or female to male. Again, it is clear that this is really bad for kids, physically and mentally, but nobody knows just how bad because our current crop of gender confused children are the test group. Even studies that call hormone treatment "safe" still admit that it can lead to diseases like cancer and hyperthyroidism. But that just scratches the surface. These are drugs that cause the human body to do things it is not supposed to do, and for which there is no discernible medical benefit. There's no chance of anything good coming of it. The only question is how bad is bad. "Hannah," from the New York Times article, will be one of the unwitting lab rats who finds out for us.

Sadly, he's far from the only lab rat. Children are being subjected to this torture with increased frequency, as kids are starting to permanently "transition" at younger and younger ages. This article cites an eight year old who is already beginning treatments because, according to his parents, he has "identified as a girl" since he was 18 months old. Let's not be so jaded by the craziness in our culture that we fail to appreciate the sheer, unadulterated lunacy of a child being declared "transgender" because of declarations he made when he was a year and a half. The same article also tells us that some doctors are performing surgical operations on kids before they turn 18. If a girl wants to have her breasts cut off at 16, for instance, she may just find someone willing to do it -- and there is, apparently, no law to prevent it. Which brings me back to my first statement.

If there is any truth to the idea that there could really be, in some mysterious and supernatural way, a girl trapped inside the body of your son, and that he might come to this realization around the time that he's weened off of breastfeeding, then by all means we ought to continue on the current trajectory. It's not fair to leave all these girls locked in their fleshy boy cages. We must do what we can to set them free, even if it means pumping the Outer Boy full of drugs, and even mutilating him, in order to get to the Inner Girl. But if what I just typed is nonsensical, if liberals have devised a theory of gender that is nothing more than a disturbing superstition, if there is no science or logic to any of this, then that means that these "transgender" children are being poisoned and disfigured for the sake of satisfying the desires of their parents and doctors. If that's the case -- and it is, clearly -- then anyone who sees it for what it is ought to be demanding that the law protect these kids. I cannot imagine how a person in this category could possibly arrive at any other conclusion. I cannot see how anyone could agree that "transgender" treatment on kids is a grotesque and dangerous form of medical experimentation, yet remain uncertain about whether the practice should be illegal.

It seems rather straightforward to me. Laws need to be passed prohibiting doctors from trying to turn boys into girls or girls into boys. Laws need to be passed prohibiting parents from doing the same. It's quite unfortunate that laws like this need to be passed, but they do. This is not a place for the libertarian "hey, let them make their own decisions" shtick. These kids are not making their own decisions. These kids don't understand what they're doing because they're kids, and kids understand very little about the world.

A kid will believe that a fat man in red pajamas rides on a flying sleigh to bring him presents on Christmas if that's what you tell her. She will believe that there's a boy trapped in her girl body if that's what you tell her. They aren't coming up with this stuff on their own. A young boy might spout a whole bunch of fantastic nonsense about being a girl or being a triceratops or being Batman, but it is the parent, and then the doctor, who takes that nonsense and converts it into a lifestyle choice, which will then be made permanent in the form of drugs and surgery. All of this is done for the sake of the doctors who want to get paid, and the parents who want to feel very trendy and enlightened with their fancy new "transgender" kid, not for the kid himself. The kid is just a vessel for the doctors and parents to fulfill their sick ambitions and fantasies.

The parents in this case should have their children removed from the home. They should be sent to prison. The doctors ought to join them in prison. They can share a cell and experiment on each other if they want. But the kids need to be left out of it. The kids need to be protected. And if so-called conservatives in this country weren't so completely spineless and impotent, they would be demanding that the law do exactly that. Enough is enough.

To read more about the Left's war on gender and on our children, buy my new book here.

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