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Parents and doctors who push 'transgenderism' on kids should be thrown in prison

Matt Walsh
(Luke_Franzen/Getty Images)

Arrest the doctors and parents. That's one way to deal with this problem. A moral society ought to have laws against medical and sexual experimentation on children, and the parents and doctors who conduct or facilitate it ought to be in prison. It's very simple. But I realize that the simplest concepts tend to be the most controversial these days.

OK, let's back up for a moment. There was a lengthy article in the New York Times over the weekend which they tweeted with this statement: '"Doctors are right to give transgender kids puberty-blockers and hormones at younger ages." The article was written by a dangerous, unstable quack from Yale School of Medicine named Jack Turban, who believes that children who "identify" as the opposite sex ought to be pumped full of hormones and chemicals before they reach puberty.

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