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Millennials have no reason to vote Democratic
In this photo taken Sept. 23, 2016, students and former Bernie Sanders supporters Shruti Kaul, 18, left, and Maureen McNamara discuss politics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, Colo. Many young Sanders supporters describe alienation from the current political process, and distaste for candidate choices, leading some to consider a third-party choice, or not voting at all. Kaul was a strong Bernie Sanders supporter during the primary but now backs Hillary Clinton. (AP Photo/Brennan Linsley)

Millennials have no reason to vote Democratic

The Democratic Party has shown millennials contempt for their views while saddling them with Big Government programs from Obamacare, to Welfare to government subsidies of student loans that will bury them in the years to come. Time for real change.

By Brad Schaeffer, for TheBlaze

So Donna Brazile, the Democratic National Committee shill masquerading as a “commentator” has finally been nixed by CNN.

This was the woman whom WikiLeaks exposed for sneakily forwarding debate questions ahead of time to the Hillary camp during the Democratic primaries in yet another DNC establishment attempt to crush upstart challenger Bernie Sanders (D now I-Vt.). Is anyone surprised that such dirty tricks were being pulled by the sleaziest political organization since, well, the Bill Clinton White House?

Brazile’s ouster comes just three months after the purge of DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz whose anti-Bernie agenda was laid bare when WikiLeaks released more than 20,000 hacked DNC emails. In short, the millennials' preferred candidate was not only never given a fair shot by the party, but was, in fact, maligned and ridiculed behind closed doors. Well, of course…he stood in the way of the Hillary coronation, and after that upstart Chicagoan got the jump on her in 2008 she’d be damned if that happened again. The White House is hers by divine right of queens!

It should become quite obvious to millennials that the Democratic Party may claim to speak for them in public, but in private not only are young voices stifled and blocked, but blatantly silenced. How anyone in their twenties could vote for Hillary Clinton in light of the utter disdain she and her corrupt operatives in the DNC has shown them is puzzling to me to say the least.

In other articles I have lamented Bernie Sanders’ appeal to the young and disaffected. But there is no derision nor contempt in my feelings towards the many youths who were feeling the Bern. Although the treatment they sought with this unapologetically anachronistic Soviet style socialist is the equivalent of prescribing a pack of Marlboros to treat emphysema, I completely understand their frustrations.

While sitting in a Manhattan watering hole the other night, my friend and I chatted up the waitress who was twenty-six and a textbook Millennial. Faded jeans, t-shirt, cropped, raspberry-dyed hair, wool cap, a few tattoos, very bright and engaging. She was working two jobs, living in tenement-like squalor with several roommates in a five-floor walk-up and, of course, saddled with student debt. She is the new normal. She's working very hard to pay off a mortgage with no house with a degree that landed her a job mixing Old Fashions for two middle-aged Wall Streeters who came out of college in the late 1980s into a world of no debt and a vibrant resurging Reagan economy. I noticed that she and every twenty-something server at that bar were Trump supporters.

As well they should be…

This is not because Trump is so great. His faults are well-documented. But these young’ins are starting to catch on to a cold hard fact about the Democratic Party that needs them so badly to drag Hillary across the electoral finish line.

Like African-Americans, women, and immigrants, the movers and shakers of the DNC don’t care for them beyond their immediate votes. (Just look at their zip codes). We know this of course because of the revelations that fix was in against the millenials’ preferred candidate during the Democratic primaries from the get-go. How could any group support a party that deliberately and underhandedly sabotages their voice? Even if it’s the wrong voice? Who speaks for you if your candidate has a DNC target on his back?

For millennials a tipping point is at hand. You need to take a look at the Democratic Party and what it really stands for…strip away the rhetoric their spin doctors concoct to lure you in as they have such little respect for your intellects. I’m talking about the “war on women” (see Bill Clinton) and “pro-choice” (Roe v. Wade is here to stay) and "color blind” (from a party that systematically divides us along race for political gain) and “free college” (there is nothing free in this world you will end up paying for it as you do everything else that government conjures up to feed its dependency class and unionist base.)

Consider: The top Democrat blames you for the failures of Obamacare. How dare you think twice before opting to by so-called “insurance” that covers you for geriatric and neo-natal care you do not need in a thinly veiled scheme to force you to pay for others’ healthcare subsidies. And what is the Obamacare architect’s solution to whip you selfish kids into line and get with the program? Raise the penalties on you of course so you have no choice but to either perish in the financial ruin fire or jump to your financial ruin pavement.

Consider: The Democrats are the party of big government and what does that mean to you? You get to cover Medicare for seniors who will have put in one dollar for every three they will receive in services and benefits…guess where the other two bucks comes from? All the modern Welfare state that the Democratic Party lauds as an expression of a “caring and compassionate” country is is a plodding clunky wealth transfer mechanism from the healthy young to the sickly old…a program whose beneficiaries voted themselves before you were born, but now demand you pay for in the form of the ever growing national debt they are saddling you with. What do they care? They’ll be dead. It’s YOUR problem.

Consider: What has Big Government meant for you in terms of those student loans you all carry around like sea anchors as you try to navigate the already strong riptide of life. The single greatest cause of the vertical and relentless rise of college tuitions has to do with simple economics…when an organization gets paid no matter what they charge they will raise the price. There is a striking correlation between the explosion of college tuitions and the government guaranteeing of student loans to cover them. You are in a circular firing squad: colleges charge anything as government will cover the bill, allowing colleges to charge anything which opens up college to more students who cannot pay for a degree that means less because everyone has one because government will pay for it and you get to tend bar with a degree that got your parents on their way to prosperity.

Do you not see that at the end of every Democratic Party big government gun barrel is a millennial with a big target on his or her back?

And yet the Democratic Party that you support is offering you more of the same? In 2008 you voted en masse for a man you thought represented “hope and change.” That a machine Chicago politician turned out to be nothing more than an old school Democratic huckster in a new and flashier wrapping was no surprise to those of us who’ve been around the block a few times. But again, I understand the appeal.

So I ask you who still seek the change you deserve from preceding generations that have given you the shaft: Are there any more brazen poster children for the same old same old than the Clintons? The most corrupt, self-serving, vindictive, sociopathic political dynasty in U.S. history?

Is this what you strive for? A party that believes your voice should not just be ignored but crushed like an annoying bug (except on election day). A party whose Big Government schemes are nothing more than generational raiding parties into your meager bank accounts. At what point do you say enough?

Your boat is sinking yet the DNC elites are already comfortably away on their gilded life boats. Donald Trump offers you a raft that may or may not be riddled with holes.

But one thing is for sure. If you stay loyal to the DNC a cold watery grave awaits you. Vote smart. Make your voices known. Take back a future that was stolen from you – by both party establishments to be fair – before you were born. I cannot speak for Trump, but if you want change, you definitely will not get it with Clinton, Inc. Not unless you have a nice donation to their pay-for-play foundation. But then you’d already be DNC insider wouldn’t you?

But you’re not. And if they have their way you never will be.

Brad Schaeffer is an energy broker, columnist, historian and author. Drop him a note at: shafemans@yahoo.

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