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Obamacare is Selling Sex, Drugs and Unhealthy Lifestyles
This Obamacare ad promotes promiscuity. Screenshot.

Obamacare is Selling Sex, Drugs and Unhealthy Lifestyles

Obamacare advertisements are demeaning and insulting to women - do they really think this would work?

Obamacare is in a heap of trouble with bad news coming by the day, or more often by the hour. President Obama and his supporters are desperate for the program to work but they have an entirely uphill battle, namely getting the young and healthy to enroll in order to support everyone else. Should be a piece of cake, right? Young Americans were huge supporters of President Obama, idolizing how cool he was.

But it seems like the young and healthy aren’t particularly enthused about Obamacare. After all, they have been extremely hard hit by the recession, student loan debt, and a depressed job market. Where in the world are they going to find money to pay for high premiums and deductibles when they are still living in their parent's basements?

No matter. The Obamacare supporters, specifically in Colorado, think they found a way to reel in the youngsters: appeal to what they like most - sex, beer, and more sex.

One of the latest Obamacare ads feature a male and female couple together, with the female holding a package of birth control pills with the caption excitedly asking if the hot guy next to her is as easy to get as them.

The other ad features three frat boys, one chugging beer from a keg , with the caption urging young people to buy health insurance so an illness doesn’t take away all their beer money.

Is this what President Obama thinks American youth are all about – that all they care about are sex and alcohol? Granted both are intriguing subjects for marketing purposes but the ads are bordering on offensive and, at first glance, seem to be a joke. This is health insurance we are talking about, not the local beer pong tournament or a night of a Sex, Milk and Cookies program in college.

As a young woman, I am particularly offended. Do President Obama and his supporters all see young women as single-issue voters? Are women voting just to get free birth control, so we can have all the sex we want? Is that what women have been reduced to? Sure feels like it.

Today, women outnumber men in higher education. Since 1982, women have earned nine million more college degrees than men. These women aren’t out all night drinking and getting pizza at 2am and then thinking about buying health insurance because of some demeaning ad. They are concerned about their future, about careers and families, and the economy.  It’s not all about a $9 pack of birth control pills that they can easily purchase at Wal-Mart.

[sharequote align="center"]Obamacare forces me to pay for abortion-inducing drugs that I am morally opposed to. [/sharequote]

However, as a pro-life woman, I am even more offended. Obamacare forces me to pay for a lot of drugs, including abortion-inducing drugs, that I am morally opposed to. My generation leans pro-life as well and does not want to pay for products that cause abortions, yet we are going to be forced to because that is what the government decided is “minimum essential coverage.” 

Hey, at least now young women can supposedly have all the free sex they want because birth control pills are complimentary, courtesy of the Obama Administration and taxpayers - because apparently that is all young women care about.

The initial enrollment numbers for Obamacare are dismal and fall 97 percent short of their stated goals.  No demographics were released but I wonder if the young and healthy lined up to buy expensive health insurance just for the carefree sex life. I’d be surprised if young Americans are going to follow their leader off the cliff, especially if they are marketed to using such cheap shots.

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