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Obama’s War on Young Women

Obama’s War on Young Women

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Ladies, President Obama may have won the farcical “war” on contraceptives, but he is waging his own war on your pocket books.

During the campaign, President Obama accused Governor Romney and Republicans for wanting to “decide the healthcare choices that women are making” and for “taking away access to birth control,” while conveniently avoiding the real issue: the economy.

But, it worked. He won, and the 66 percent of young women ages 18-29 are feeling the economic consequences of reelecting this President.

President Obama has forced young Americans into what I like to call the “Great Youth Depression.” Only 6 in 10 young Americans are currently employed, half of which are working full-time. Since President Obama took office, average graduating student loan debt is around $28,000, and student loan default rates have reached an all-time high of 13.1 percent.

I guess President Obama’s consolation to unemployment and indebtedness is free birth control. Yippee! You might not have a job, but at least, well you know...

What isn’t funny is that this is the reality President Obama is forcing many young women into.

Youth unemployment among women has steadily risen from 14 percent to 15.2 percent since the election. It is particularly heinous for young, black women who are faced with an unemployment rate of 26.4 percent.

The labor force also shrunk from 52.7 percent to 52 percent since the election, and 101,000 young women have totally given up looking for a job.

And the cherry on top: the average salary for young women ages 23-29 with a college degree and without a college degree has decreased 7.6 percent and 9.2 percent respectively. As for the government? Their salaries have actually increased 2-14 percent more than private sector salaries--and the gap continues to increase.

So, ladies, still think President Obama’s fighting for you?

But, conservatives can’t complain--young women felt like conservatives didn’t care about them during the election. According to a Washington Post exit poll, 81 percent of voters think Obama “cares” more about “people like me”.

And they should. Where were conservatives on college campuses? When did they ever make the moral case for free-markets and conservatism to young Americans? They didn’t.

Conservatives had a historic opportunity to reach out to young women during this election and  provide a stark contrast between economic reality and Obama’s contraceptive fairy tale. Here are a couple examples:

  • So, Obama says you can stay on your parents healthcare plan until you are 26 and receive birthcontrol through Obamacare? Did he ever tell you that you will either be unemployed or underemployed if you stay on your parents plan? Businesses are mandated or incentivized to provide health insurance for their employees, and staying on your parents plan only means you will be out of a job or part-time.
  • Remember when President Obama said, “If you like your health insurance plan, you can keep your health insurance plan”? Under Obamacare, young people are mandated to pay higher healthcare premiums, and you will most likely be seeing a 145-203 percent increase in your healthcare costs.

But, conservatives chose to stay on the sidelines and hoped that young people--young women--would have an economic epiphany and vote for Romney. Their inaction cost them the election.

As conservatives--especially conservative women--we cannot continue to sit on the sidelines and let Obama continue this economic war, even if it is on his main supporters. Birth control aside, we must start economically educating young women if they’re to have a prosperous and financially secure future.


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