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The Government Wants Your Kids. Here are Five Ways to Raise Them in a World Against Parents.


In a world where everything is seemingly stacked against parents who want to raise their children with discipline, integrity, values, and a faith-based worldview, how can parents even begin to turn the tide?

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Guess what – your kids are wanted! Good news, right? It’s always nice to be wanted.

Republican elites want your kids – to be worker bees in the American economic machine. Hey, at least they’d be working! But, Democrats want them too – as dependent voters to expand their power base. Sure, they’ll get lots of free stuff, but is anything really free?

Ultimately, regardless of who’s in control, the government really, really, really wants your kids. With few exceptions, governments have always been like that. It’s no surprise that Adolph Hitler once said, “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”

Image source: Shutterstock.com Image source: Shutterstock.com

Republicans, Democrats and governments don’t have your kids’ best interest at heart. Nobody does, except their parents. That’s one reason why God’s original plan, for mothers and fathers to raise their own children, has worked so well for millennia. But, for reasons beyond the scope of this article, society wants to toss all that out like a can of expired tuna.

Consequently, these days government and society have managed to make good parenting by actual parents more and more difficult. Oh, parents may still live with their kids, maybe have a catch or eat a bagged fast food dinner in front of the TV “together” once in a while, but the real influence is no longer being wielded by most parents.

No, the real influence lies with popular culture, public education, the media, government ... you name it. The kids do inevitably grow up, biologically at least. They are “raised” by someone, just not the people who love them the most. Then they go out into the real world and begin the cycle again with their own children. If you think young people can’t think for themselves now, just wait a generation or two!

So, in a world where everything is seemingly stacked against parents who want to raise their children with discipline, integrity, values, and a faith-based worldview, how can parents even begin to turn the tide? Here are a few good places to start.

Avoid Live Television Programming

Just a few weeks ago I made the mistake of letting the girls watch “Horton Hears a Who” on ABC Family. We were away from home and live TV was the only medium available. I had my doubts but hey, the kids were tired and it’s Horton hears a freaking Who, right? What could possibly go wrong?

Well, not two commercial breaks in comes a “heartwarming” advertisement about a brand-spanking-new ABC “Family” show about the hilarity and “warm fuzzies” that exude when a dad decides he wants to be a woman. Apparently, that sort of thing is what gets the creative juices flowing over at Disney these days. Come on guys, wasn’t "Hannah Montana" punishment enough?

Look, I get that transgender is the new black and all that (you know, "cause God makes mistakes"), but do my small children really need to be any more confused at this point than they already are? I’m having a hard enough time teaching them to change their underwear every day and not yell stuff like, “Dad, look at that HUGE woman over there!” in public without the networks shoving this kind of junk in front of their faces. (Hmm, it’s almost like there’s an agenda.)

When I can’t even sit and watch Jeopardy with my 7-year-old daughter without seeing a graphic Cialis commercial that, well, sparks more questions than answers I’m ready to give, we have a serious problem.

The answer is two-fold. First, eliminate or drastically reduce their time in front of the boob-tube. Second, if you do let your children watch TV, utilize services such as Netflix to eliminate commercials and gain knowledge and control over exactly what your children watch. Certainly, there is value to some programming, but parents should be the ones to make those decisions, not the networks or greedy, soulless advertisers.

Get Them Out of Public School

If Common Core and ridiculous rules (the kind that suspends a child for shaping his school pastry suspiciously like a gun) aren’t enough, the fact that public schools have basically become government indoctrination centers should make you at least consider other educational options for your children.

To be sure, public schools are in better shape in some areas of the country than others, and I do understand and sympathize with parents who truly don’t have another option – but, if it’s at all manageable or possible, pulling your children from public schools and going either the private or homeschool route is, in my opinion, one of the best things you can do for them.

Ground Them in Your Faith

Whatever your faith is, grounding them in it will teach them that life is about something bigger than themselves, and that, while we should certainly obey earthly laws that don’t violate God’s Law, their true allegiance ultimately isn’t to some worldly government or system, but to the Creator of the universe.

Teach Them Respect

Respect seems to be sorely missing these days among our youth – respect for elders, for parents, for those in authority, for work, for God, and even for themselves as created beings with a purpose in this life. A human being with respect doesn’t look for any excuse to go out in the streets and smash stuff. He’s too busy, you know – working. The “how,” of course, leads to the next point.

Practice the Art of Consistent Discipline

I certainly believe properly administered corporal punishment is a great tool in a parent’s toolbox, but regardless of whether or not you choose to spank your children, consistent, loving, effective discipline is absolutely necessary for a child’s overall upbringing. Say what you mean, mean what you say, and stick to the consequences you’ve laid out. Your children may not like it now, but when they’re 32 with kids of their own, they’ll thank you for it.

I realize it’s not possible to shelter our children from every possible influence this world seeks to bring, but as parents we need to assert our God-given right and duty as protectors and instructors, to mold and shape them according to our values. Remember, while others certainly want a piece of our children, God wants and loves them most of all. If we’ve done our job right, when they leave our care they’ll have the grounding it takes to stand on their own two feet and not only be a productive member of society, but change it for the better.

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