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The Left Chases Gun Rights While Quiet on Gosnell

The Left Chases Gun Rights While Quiet on Gosnell

The media hangs on every gunaphobic word that is uttered by the grieving loved ones of “gun-crime” victims and yet the gruesomeness of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic is almost unreported!

US President Barack Obama pauses as he speaks on gun control on April 8, 2013 at the University of Hartford, in Hartford, Connecticut. (Credit: AFP/Getty Images) 

The death of a child is tragic!

And the death of 20 children even more so!

But is the death of 20 children MORE tragic than the death of… millions?

Since The Supreme Court ruled on Roe vs. Wade in 1973, it is estimated that there have been over 50 million legal abortions performed. This is not a retread of old worn out abortion debates! If your heart is so hardened that the details of late term abortions doesn’t disgust you than it is not within MY power to change you. This is about the hypocrisy of progressivism in America that is currently on display for the world to see.

While “emos” (emotional reactionaries) were busy ginning up a 2nd Amendment debate and claiming inanimate objects (known as guns) are ultimately responsible for murders, a trial got underway that is just not getting the attention it should. It’s the trial of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, a Philadelphia abortion doctor who is alleged to have committed grotesque acts of murder in a dirty clinic of horrors. He is charged with killing seven babies, that where all born alive, plus killing a 41 year old woman seeking an abortion. He performed around a thousand abortions per year, many of them late term abortions and yet by comparison to the Newtown tragedy it’s virtually unknown!

The Mother of a Sandy Hook victim was asked by President Obama to give his weekly radio address. She accepted his offer and broadcast her message, which was essentially that for the sake of protecting children we need greater gun control, yet there was no mention of Dr. Gosnell and no mention of abortion. The media hangs on every gunaphobic word that is uttered by the grieving loved ones of “gun-crime” victims and yet the gruesomeness of Dr. Gosnell’s clinic is almost unreported! This is the typical hypocrisy of the left and as usual the media is complicit by not exposing it!

Progressive thought is defective and inconsistent. It’s most basic of ideas are in conflict with one another. For example; some of the same people who are working very hard to infringe our 2nd Amendment rights with the flawed notion it “may” prevent “some” acts of violence against children, are the same people who are working very hard to encourage the aborting of babies under the 4th Amendment’s protection of privacy. They have been actively using the horrific death of 20 children to market legislation that would not have prevented it from happening, while espousing that in the name of “privacy” we have to give give tax-payer dollars to support organizations that kill of hundreds of thousands of babies.

These humans claim abortion as a “reproductive right” yet the humans they produced don’t have the same rights they claim for themselves. Their “reproductive rights,” which affect far more lives than just their own, are also more important than our right to own a tool (that unless used only affects our lives.) To them it is moral and Constitutional for medical utensils to be USED to perform an abortion but your right to simply possess certain utensils (even without using them) has to be limited!

If we apply the arguments they use for their pro-abortion stance to the gun debate, they are arguing Sandy Hook, Aurora and Virginia Tech style bloodbaths are protected under the 4th Amendment! That Lanza, Holmes and Cho have a right to “privacy” before, during and after their massacres and therefore they are free to commit those barbaric acts! They were just performing REALLY late term abortions.

Furthermore, the victims have no rights to not be shot because someone else has a RIGHT to kill them.

If we apply their anti-gun arguments to the abortion debate, than those who want an abortion need to pass a government background check, have their names available as public record and only receive a limited number of abortions because “how many abortions does a person really need?” Of course, closing that abortion clinic loophole is very important!

It’s illogical to argue that someone should be limited, scrutinized, or delayed in purchasing a tool that will not harm unless the user intendeds harm or misuses it, while also arguing that people should be allowed, encouraged and funded to actually harm! So are they wrong about the 4th or wrong about the 2nd? They are wrong about both!

Both the 2nd and 4th Amendments are incredibly important to a free people and very necessary to protect our God-given rights from an oppressive government! It is impossible to put limitations on every item that can be used to kill because… anything can be used to kill. Firearms are no more dangerous than anything else and certainly LESS dangerous to babies than abortion clinics. The right to privacy should not be used to allow criminal behavior or infringement on another’s rights, even a baby’s! True freedom means living unencumbered so long as you don’t encumber another! This includes the right to own a weapon as long as you don’t use it to step on another’s rights… like killing them! This includes the right to own coat hanger so long as you don’t use it to… kill them!

Using the death of children or any tragic events to push an agenda is evil, reactionary and manipulative. It is wrong! Unless President Obama is working to limit high capacity abortion clinics, demand a background check for all who seek an abortion and have victims of Dr. Gosnell offer next week’s Presidential Radio Address, he will reaffirm his stance as the current leader of failed philosophy that is empowering the worst of humanity!

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