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The Only Cure For Political Correctness Is Truth


The PC police aren't out to ensure that we're all civil and inoffensive; they're out to ensure that we all conform to falsehoods.

Neither of these stories are getting any attention anywhere, but it should be of some interest that our Republic has officially begun outlawing truth. More specifically, it has begun legally mandating that citizens affirm falsehoods.


The more cynical might say, "Well, what else is new?" but in fact this is new. Soon it won't be so unique anymore, but for now, we're dealing with an extreme and unparalleled trampling of basic human liberties.

It starts with Washington, which has just passed new rules mandating that all buildings open to the public across the entire state allow people to use the restrooms and locker rooms of the gender they "identify with." I say they "passed" these rules, but don't take that to mean the mandates were legislated by a group of elected representatives. No, this is a declaration made by the resident appointed schoolmarms at the state's Human Rights Commission. If you haven't noticed by now, the greatest enemies to freedom in modern America can usually be found in bureaucratic bodies with "human rights" in the name.

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Liberals have hailed the new rules as "trailblazing" because they make Washington the first state -- or at least among the first -- to allow exhibitionists, fetishists, and cross dressers to invade the bathrooms of their choice. Up until now, these deranged statutes have been enacted in individual towns or schools, but today, every town and every school and every business throughout the whole state of Washington must submit or face consequences. The rule stipulates that gender-neutral bathrooms must be provided to women who feel uncomfortable sharing their facilities with naked, mentally-ill men. Let that sink in: it's not the men who must use the separate room -- it's the women who value their own safety and privacy. Where are feminists when you need them?

The LGBT cabal claims that granting men entry to women's bathrooms and locker rooms poses no danger to women and children, but a quick Google search reveals that to be a ridiculous lie. Just recently, a dangerous deviant was arrested after playing the "transgender" card in order to gain access to a women's homeless shelter. While inside, he spied on a lady in the shower and sexually assaulted another while she slept. In a different case, a cross dressing man set up a video camera in a Macy's restroom. In another, a man in a tutu crawled under the bathroom stall in the lady's room at Big Lots and tried to rape a female customer.

Obviously, there's nothing physically stopping a sex offender from barging into the women's room in most public facilities, regardless of whatever "transgender" laws might be on the books, but that doesn't mean we should swing open the doors and invite them in. Not to mention, "transgenders" are by definition disturbed and sexually aberrant, so these mandates specifically welcome the worst sort of crowd into the very places where women and girls are the most vulnerable.

It's sick. It's wrong. It's gross. It's demented. It's evil.

But that's not even the truly unprecedented part of this story. Aside from all of the rules dictating bathroom procedure in every building in the region, the new ordinance also bans employers and landlords from asking questions that might make "transgenders" feel uncomfortable, and it imposes penalties on those who refuse to use the "transgender's" preferred pronoun. Now, in the state of Washington, employers are legally required to call a man a woman and a woman a man if any man or woman should so desire. A property owner who deliberately says "he" or "him" when referring to a gender-confused man will be subject to legal and financial ramifications.

This is not just controlling speech in the sense of prohibiting words that might be subjectively considered offensive or rude -- which is bad enough -- this is a blatant prohibition on acknowledging the fundamental truth of a situation. To call a man "she" is an untruth, a lie, and the state of Washington intends to force many of its citizens to participate in, and actively affirm, that lie.

We've already seen the LGBT mafia attempt to legally force small business owners to bake cakes or take photographs for gay "wedding" ceremonies. That's terrible as it is, but this represents an even more extraordinary molestation of the First Amendment. This would be tantamount to requiring that those bakers actually verbally say, "yes, I agree with gay marriage and I believe it's just as legitimate as regular marriage." Calling a man "she" is, after all, an explicit endorsement of radical left wing gender theory. Words have meanings, and "she" is a word that always refers to women. Therefore saying "she" in relation to a man is the same thing as outright declaring, "yes, men can be women." This declaration is now a legal mandate in Washington. And very few people seem to care.

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Meanwhile in New York City, the little Bolsheviks on their own Human Rights Commission wrapped up 2015 by announcing that any business or property owner who "misgenders" an employee or tenant could be fined $250,000.

From the rule book:

The NYCHRL requires employers and covered entities to use an individual’s preferred name, pronoun and title (e.g., Ms./Mrs.) regardless of the individual’s sex assigned at birth, anatomy, gender, medical history, appearance, or the sex indicated on the individual’s identification. Most individuals and many transgender people use female or male pronouns and titles.

Some transgender and gender non-conforming people prefer to use pronouns other than he/him/his or she/her/hers, such as they/them/theirs or ze/hir.

Translation: you must bark on command at the behest of the confused and the perverted, regardless of the reality. You must lie.

Notice how this goes beyond calling a man "her" or a woman "him." If the privileged member of this fashionable victim group demands it, you must in fact use pronouns that somebody invented on a message board 18 months ago. Indeed, if the entitled "transgender" dictates that he will be referred to as "ze," you will be guilty of malicious harassment -- you will be breaking the law -- if you choose to continue using pronouns that actually exist. You must speak their gibberish progressive pig latin, or pay a quarter of a million dollars.

"Ze. Yes, ze. As you wish, my lord. Shall I shine your shoes while I'm down here kissing your feet?" That is the only appropriate response. Anything less is abuse, at least in New York City and Washington, and soon to be the case everywhere else.

As I've noted before, this is the real defining feature of so-called political correctness. The PC police aren't out to ensure that we're all civil and inoffensive; they're out to ensure that we all conform to falsehoods. Everywhere liberals enact "politically correct" measures, you'll find that the legislation is invariably designed to cover up or banish a certain truth. In almost every case, you could simply substitute the phrase "politically correct" with "convenient untruth."

If we are to defeat this scourge, then, we need to speak truth. All the time. In every situation. Without exception. Fighting political correctness doesn't mean being vulgar or crass, it just means being honest.

I've noticed that even many conservatives who otherwise see fanatical LGBT propaganda for what it is, will still obediently adjust their pronouns when discussing "transgenders." I've seen conservative publications that run articles about Bruce Jenner with words like "she" and "her" in the text. I suppose it's easy to tell yourself that capitulating to liberalism on this issue is no big deal, but in fact it's a humongous deal. If you allow yourself to be bullied or intimidated into abandoning such a basic and elemental truth, you've already given up everything. The game is over.

So this is very simple. Your identity is who you are, not who you think you are or who you wish you were or who you fantasize about being.

Identity: theconditionofbeingoneself. That's the definition. Notice it doesn't say, "the condition of feeling a certain way about oneself." 

From the outside, truth and reason dictates that we identify a person by what they are, not by what they imagine or desire themselves to be. If a woman says she identifies as the Queen of England, I will not call her Your Highness unless she is in fact the Queen of England. If a man says he identifies as a woman, I will not call him "her" or "she" or "ze," under any circumstance, because my duty as a sane and honest human being is to recognize and respect who he actually is; his identity, not his fantasy.

My mother taught me when I was a child that it's universally wrong to lie. I can't say I've always obeyed this instruction, but I've never doubted its veracity. The word "she" is a lie when applied to a man. Plain and simple. And, though I may be guilty of telling lies sometimes, I will not be forced into it by someone who wants their delusions validated. That would be wrong. It's dishonest. It's untrue.

This is the answer, folks. It's not hard. If a "transgender" goes and legally changes his name, then I suppose you can use his new name even if it's ridiculous and incompatible. But there's really no situation where any rational person ought to use a "transgender's" preferred pronoun, unless he prefers a pronoun that actually reflect that reality of who he is, physically and biologically.

Because we have been complacent and unwilling to resist the LGBT fascists, they're now creating laws that will penalize those who refuse to tell politically correct lies. For people subject to these laws, I admit it would be rather difficult to continue telling the truth when it may very well result in the loss of your business and your livelihood. That's why, if I ran a business in New York or Washington, I would just make sure not to hire anyone who is, or seems, "transgender." If one slips through the cracks, I'd try my best to avoid referring to them one way or another until I found an opportunity to fire them, so as to protect my business and my integrity. But if push comes to shove, I would hope I'd refuse to lie, refuse to dance to their tune, whatever the consequences.

For the rest of us, until similar mandates are decreed in our states and cities, the path forward is very clear and very easy. Just speak the truth. Just be honest. That's the most powerful weapon against liberalism and political correctness. Really, it's the only weapon.

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