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The State of the State of the Union


Once each year the President speaks to a joint session of Congress, the cabinet, the Supreme Court Justices and VIP guests. The point of this speech is to tell the people where we are as a nation...to give us the State of the Union.

This is the State of the Union speech I would like to hear...



Mr. Speaker, Vice President Biden, members of Congress, distinguished guests, my fellow Americans...

I am here to communicate. My job is to communicate to you my vision for our future and my assessment of the present.

As President of the United States my job is to lead all Americans. I haven't done that. I have made the Republican Party out to be a band of raving, close-minded old white guys and while a few of them are...most truly believe in a vision that may differ from mine but deserves to be listened to without ridicule and media manipulation by me.

Now let me do something I haven't done much of lately. Let me tell you the truth about the State of our Union.

Our economy is not strong. As a matter of fact it's a mess. Unemployment is way too high. Gas prices are too high. The media continues to talk about the DOW at 14,000 and record numbers for the S&P. While that's a good thing it doesn't mean much to the father or mother trying to find work...any work to care for their families.

That's why talk of budget sequestration and continuing resolutions must stop. We can't follow a budget if I don't present one and get one passed. I have failed again this year on this crucial part of my job. We have a duty to spend wisely and follow a strict budget. I need the help of this Congress to do that but I have allowed and helped foster a distrust between the parties and towards me and that must end tonight.

Our foreign policy is far from sound. It is true that we have made tremendous strides against Al Queda but they are still a grave threat to all Americans and our interests around the world. We need to appropriately fund our Defense and I need to make it clear to our enemies everywhere that we will not tolerate, and we will answer all threats and actions against us wherever they occur.

In my Inauguration speech I made Global Warming a priority. While I believe there are things we can do better and ways for us to not make things worse environmentally, it is clearly not something we have the money to take on now. I should not lead you to believe we will make it a top agenda item anytime soon because we can't and we won't.

And let's be clear about the guns question. There is no threat to your 2nd Amendment rights. I do not and will not support that and never will. While I do believe there are things related to gun laws we must change or do better the problem of mass killings and gang violence are two very different things. One involves a serious commitment to the mental health problems we have today. The other is about a lack of family structure and personal hope. Both deserve my support and focused attention instead of constant talk of guns. I must change that conversation now. That is the legacy that the victims from Newtown to Chicago to Aurora and everywhere deserve.

We are making progress on immigration for the first time since I was elected. The truth is I broke my promise even when I had Democratic control of both houses during my first two years as President. Like all things that come with this job the solution lies in forging answers and not finger pointing. The answer often comes with less interference from me while you...the members of Congress do the jobs you were elected to do.

On health care, Obama Care, I have clearly bit off more than we can chew. The idea on paper is perfectly reasonable but like everything in life the math doesn't lie and this bill has created huge potholes that we must avoid. That's why I am asking for Congress to work with me to change this law to a much smaller, more reasonable bill that can help more, not hurt more. We need that change starting tonight.

These are just a few issues that I pledge to you are of the highest priority to me and while I have failed in many ways so far I will do my best to not fail in leading us to the brighter tomorrow you deserve.

I cannot do much of anything without your help so let me conclude tonight with the following requests in no particular order.

- To all of you that voted for me: Thank you but please stop acting like everything I say is brilliant and do some thinking of your own. Every President should be challenged and held accountable for what we do and what we don't do. That obviously includes me.

- To the mainstream media: Stop it already. Your biased reporting is embarrassing and a total disservice to people who count on actual journalism.

- To the young: You deserve more. If you are over 22 and living with your parents have a goal...to get on with your life. The economy stinks and you should be demanding that all of us in Washington fix it! So get off Facebook and video games and get involved. This is your country and you need to take control of your own futures.

- To Congress: Enough! Too many of you spend your days doing whatever you can to secure the job you have instead of doing the job the people sent you here to do. We can and should disagree but in the end you need to get to work and send me bills that I can sign for the good of America. Then we can stop saying that stupid phrase "kick the can down the road".

- To my 47: I recognize that 47% of you didn't vote for me last November. I want you to know your wants and needs matter to me and I will work harder to try and gain your trust and support.

So tonight I leave you with my sincere apologies for where I have fallen short or made things worse.

There is much talk about my legacy but I want you to know I don't care about any of that. When I leave office I will be more than fine. There will be lucrative speaking offers, opportunities to teach, and regular invitations from late night talk shows.

So while my future is secure I know for too many of you, your future is not. I pledge that I will work as hard as I can to leave this office better than I found it and help create opportunities for your lives to be better than ever before. That's what my job is and what it should be...to lead this country to better days.

Finally a couple of words about the past. Never again will I or anyone in my administration talk about the mess we inherited. It's the worst excuse for not doing our jobs and I won't say it or accept it from anyone on my staff.

Lastly I want to apologize to Mitt Romney. He is a good man and none of the things my campaign made him out to be. Of course I can't apologize for Senator Reid. He says and does what he wants and for that matter so does Speaker Pelosi. For the record Harry is a nuisance but we're all very afraid of Nancy.

There is a lot of work for all of us to do but it starts with me. As I leave here I pledge to you that I will do that work and be much better than I have been so far...for all Americans...regardless of Party and beliefs.

God Bless You and God Bless the United States of America.


Imagine the state of the union if the President gave that State of the Union address.

Imagine that.

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