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War on Women Is Nothing Compared to the War on First Basemen


Hillary Clinton’s equal pay for equal work mantra is a myth. Baseball proves her wrong.

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Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is the master at playing the gender card. Her mantra that women do not receive “equal pay for equal work” is a crowd favorite regardless of how many times it’s debunked.

During the Republican presidential campaign, a snotty feminist asked Donald Trump, “I want to get paid the same as a man, and I think you understand that. So if you become president, will a woman make the same as a man? And do I get to choose what I do with my body?”

Trump replied: “You're going to make the same if you do as good a job – and I happen to be pro-life. Okay? I'm pro-life.”

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Trump’s answer was just as stupid as the question. He explained he believes in equal pay for equal work. That’s impossible since no two employees are exactly the same.

This gender pay discrimination nonsense implies that only women are paid less for equal work. The truth is men don't receive equal pay for equal work.

Sometimes men earn more than women and sometimes women earn more than men. Sometimes women earn more than other women and somtimes men earn more than other men. It has never been about human plumbing. In every business, except government, pay is based on talent, market conditions and competition.

For example, in March 2005, CBS Evening News anchor Dan Rather was fired after 24-years for presenting a false story on Republican President George W. Bush’s military record. Rather’s annual salary was $6 million.

In 2006, Katie Couric accepted the position of reading America the news. Her annual salary was $15 million making her the first female weekday evening anchor and highest paid. Shouldn’t Dan Rather be screaming about equal pay for equal work? In the spirit of equality, shouldn’t Couric been paid $6 million? Were Democrat presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders screaming about War on Men? Nope!

In 2007, CNN reported on a 2004 study that found that someone 6 feet tall earns $5,525 per year more than someone who is 5 feet, 6 inches tall. Over a 40-year career, tall humans earn $221,000 more than short ones. Is that fair? Someone doesn’t choose their height. They’re born that way. I never hear a word from the equal pay for equal work warriors about this vertical injustice. Why? Because it's nonsense.

The Washington Post reported that the University of Missouri at Kansas City passed on Hillary Clinton’s speaking fee of $275,000. They choose another female speaker with a fee of $65,000 - Chelsea Clinton. That’s an equal pay for equal work crisis inside the women kingdom. How can that be?

However, the worst case of unequal pay for equal work is found inside Major League Baseball. In 2015, here are the stats and salaries of a few first basemen. They each are doing the exact same job; however, they are not paid the same.

Here are a few examples where equal pay for equal work is in conflict.

If equal pay for equal work is the goal in the workplace, how can Howard earn $154,321 per game while Goldschmidt earns only $36,420 per game? In this case, Goldschmidt earns 24 percent of Howard even though his performance well exceeds Howard. Where’s Clinton and Sanders outrage?

How can players playing the exact same position perform at different levels? It’s almost like each player is different or each public speaker is different. Physical appearance is irrelevant in the workplace unless you’re peddling for votes.

Tom Wurtz is a conservative writer from Kentucky. Contact Tom at

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