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Watch: NYPD officers react to knife-wielding man who walked into precinct asking to be shot


This could have ended very differently

Image source: NYPD video screenshot

A group of New York City Police Department officers are being praised for their handling of a very scary situation, after a man walked into their precinct station carrying a large knife and asking to be shot.

What are the details?

NYPD Police Chief Terence Monahan released surveillance footage of the incident on Twitter Sunday, saying, "Cops face split second, life & death decisions every day. When an emotionally disturbed man holding a long knife walked into the @NYPD75Pct — and asked to be shot — these cops reacted quickly. Though prepared for the worst, they delivered a safe outcome for everyone. Well done!"

The video shows the man, later identified as 28-year-old Starlin Lopez, walking into the station lobby holding the knife. An officer immediately notices the weapon and steps out of the camera view while two civilian bystanders shuffle out of Lopez's range.

Within seconds, more officers enter the lobby and surround Lopez, holding him at gunpoint until one of them is able to walk behind the man and use a Taser to subdue him before sending him to the hospital for treatment.

According to Fox News, when paramedics asked Lopez during transport whether he was suicidal, he answered, "I am too chicken to kill myself."

What else?

Police said Lopez is bipolar and hears voices, and he told officers while in the lobby that the government was messing with him and that he wanted the officers to shoot him, WCBS-TV reported. Lopez lives with his mother a block from the station, and is supposed to take medication for his condition but failed to do so on Sunday.

An East New York resident told WCBS of the incident: "Why he do this in the precinct? I don't know. But you know something? The police did the right thing, too. I give points to the police because he could have been killed, so easy. But you know, he needs help. That kid needs help. that's what he really needs."

The NYPD said Lopez will not face any charges.

Police tase man who walked into a NYC precinct holding knife www.youtube.com

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