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Whitlock: ‘Twitter Files’ must expose LGBTQ-BLM Alphabet Mafia propaganda machine

Leon Neal / Staff | Getty Images

Twitter has never been a platform for free speech. It’s always been a propaganda hub for Northern California values.

Twitter launched in March 2006, the same year, according to Pew Research, the percentage of Americans supporting same-sex marriage began an unrelenting rise from 35% to around 70% today.

That’s the power of Twitter. It’s a mind-control platform. Twitter shapes cultural norms and determines the thoughts and beliefs allowable in workplace settings. It does this through its relationship with corporate media outlets and popular culture influencers.

A small percentage of Americans use Twitter, but 100 percent of media outlets and entertainment corporations use the app as their guide for narratives and norms. This provides Twitter with outsized and unprecedented influence over media and culture.

If you want to work in mainstream media or Hollywood, your Twitter feed and public proclamations must align with the values of Twitter employees, who primarily take their cues from San Francisco’s hyper-liberal and gender-fluid environment.

Thursday night, Twitter’s new owner, Elon Musk, released the second installment of the “Twitter Files” through independent journalist Bari Weiss. Weiss’ reporting revealed Twitter’s censorship and shadow-banning of conservative influencers such as Charlie Kirk of Turning Point USA and Dan Bongino, a prominent radio host.

Conservatives have long known and complained about the social media outlet’s manipulation of their reach and influence. The Twitter Files confirmed what has always been known.

But I don’t want us to miss the larger implications of Twitter’s systematic censorship. This isn’t about Kirk’s follower count or how many retweets Bongino gets.

Twitter censored not to harm individuals. It censored to influence cultural norms.

Twitter outlawed a biblical worldview on marriage. Any Twitter user opposed to same-sex marriage was forced to closet his or her beliefs to ensure growth. In order to avoid being labeled a homophobe and unfit for work and leadership, journalists, broadcasters, entertainers, athletes, and coaches all adopted pro-same-sex marriage stances or avoided the subject.

This helped train the public to adopt the same position and empowered human resources departments throughout corporate America to demonize any employee who might object to Pride Month, drag queen story hour, or any aspect of the LGBTQ movement.

By 2011, five years after the launch of Twitter, more Americans favored same-sex marriage than opposed it.

Twitter is the strongest propaganda tool in the history of the planet.

Twitter created the Black Lives Matter movement and the myth that black men face more violent danger from law enforcement than from street gangs. Twitter is primarily responsible for the riots, anarchy, and violence in reaction to the death of St. George Floyd.

Twitter convinced LeBron James, Colin Kaepernick, Jussie Smollett, Bubba Wallace, and everyone in Hollywood to believe that there was a pandemic of police officers shooting unarmed black men. If any prominent Twitter feed cited data and facts proving that police actually were less prone to use deadly force on black men than on white men, Twitter unleashed an avalanche of tweets labeling the user an unrepentant bigot or sellout.

The smearing storm could cost a high-profile user his or her job and reputation. Most people chose silence, or they simply co-signed the false narrative that law-abiding, compliant black men risk their lives during routine traffic stops.

Twitter normalized the anecdote-driven worldview rather than a data- and fact-driven worldview. Media outlets used a handful of anecdotes to paint all of law enforcement as violently hostile toward black men. The New York Times, Washington Post, and USA Today published an endless series of viral stories that fanned racial animus and justified rioting and looting.

Again, Twitter controls the media because it is the media’s source for narrative and information. The media then tells the public what Twitter thinks is interesting, relevant, and important.

Twitter decided Shaun King was important. King is likely a white man, who has adopted a black identity and cast himself as a racial justice warrior, a modern-day Martin Luther King. Shaun King rose to importance promoting the Michael Brown "hands up don’t shoot" false narrative in Ferguson, Missouri. Twitter amplified King’s voice and the voice of DeRay Mckesson, a gay wannabe MLK who regularly met with Jack Dorsey and high-end Twitter executives.

King and Mckesson’s greatest accomplishments were building Twitter followings. Those followings legitimized corporate media outlets using them as sources and persuaded celebrity black influencers to turn to King and Mckesson for social justice guidance.

Kaepernick, the NFL kneeler, fell under the spell of Shaun King. So did Steph Curry and all the other social justice athletes. Who Twitter censored is likely not as important as who it amplified.

For the media and Hollywood, job security, opportunity, and compensation are tied to social media following and reach. Jack Dorsey’s Twitter dictated the career arc and opinions of many of America’s influencers. Embracing the LGBTQ-BLM Alphabet Mafia was required.

Before Musk, Twitter was a mind- and emotion-control psyop that reinforced Northern California’s version of sexual hedonism and racial revolution.

Can the platform ever be a force for good? Not when its employees must primarily reside in the San Francisco cesspool.

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