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Squires: CNN thinks black conservatives who don’t support abortion and ‘Pride’ are race traitors
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Squires: CNN thinks black conservatives who don’t support abortion and ‘Pride’ are race traitors

Black progressives are so committed to “liberation” through abortion that I’m convinced that if Dave Chappelle performed his iconic “racial draft” skit at the BET or NAACP awards shows, the black delegation would trade Clarence Thomas for Margaret Sanger.

I’d love to be proven wrong, but the evidence is clear. The most visible black politicians, journalists, entertainers, academics, and civil rights organizations do more to promote a white eugenicist than a black Supreme Court justice.

Planned Parenthood has its own section on BET’s website. The NAACP Legal Defense Fund has the following question on its FAQ page: “How does abortion access positively affect women?” The answer says a lot about how far the LDF has fallen since its victory in Brown v. Board of Education:

Increased abortion access has had a demonstrably positive economic impact on women, and on Black women in particular. When people have the ability to decide if, when, and how many children to have, they are able to make conscious determinations about other aspects of their lives, including education and work. The Institute for Women’s Policy Research found that abortion access increased college attainment for women, with “[i]ncreases in postsecondary attainment . . . concentrated among Black women, who had much larger decreases in teen fertility than white women.

The Sanger-for-Thomas swap idea came to mind after reading a recent CNN opinion piece that attempted to explain why many black people “despise” the Supreme Court justice. The author, John Blake, cites a number of people to support his argument that hypocrisy and self-hatred — not conservative values — are why black people dislike Thomas. The strangest reason given was that Thomas’ vote to overturn Roe v. Wade is proof that he “actively hurts his people.”

Yes, according to the new rules of race and identity, wanting more black babies to be born is an act of racial treason.

Thomas slander has officially reached a new low.

For a man who writes so much about race, Blake is either naive, disingenuous, or dishonest regarding the treatment of black conservatives going back decades.

Blake cited Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice as conservatives who are “well-respected” in the black community. I assume he forgot that the late entertainer and civil rights activist Harry Belafonte compared Powell to a “house slave” during his tenure in the Bush administration. More recently, an opinion piece in the Grio referred to Rice as a “foot soldier for white supremacy” after her comments about critical race theory on “The View.”

These public attacks are far from rare.

Larry Elder was called the “black face of white supremacy” by a Los Angeles Times columnist during his run for California governor last year.

Winsome Sears was accused of being a mouthpiece for white supremacy by Michael Eric Dyson after she won her election to become lieutenant governor of Virginia.

Byron Donalds was called a “prop” working to uphold and perpetuate white supremacy by U.S. Rep. Cori Bush (D-Mo.).

The phrase “Uncle Tim” trended on Twitter after Senator Tim Scott (R-S.C.) gave a rebuttal to President Biden’s address to Congress in April 2021.

You don’t have to be black politician to become the target of liberal vitriol.

Tony Dungy is a Hall of Fame football coach whose Christian values were displayed both on the field and in his work to promote marriage, family, and fatherhood. He was publicly vilified by progressive sports columnists after speaking at the March for Life in January. Kevin Blackistone of the Washington Post wondered how the NFL reacted to Dungy’s decision to “stand before anti-abortionists on a podium frequented by white supremacists and zealots.”

The truth is that the left’s hatred for Clarence Thomas and other black conservatives is directly connected to their political views, especially when it comes to abortion and LGBT issues.

Proponents of “political blackness” have replaced complexion and hair texture with support for abortion and “pride” as the main tests of racial authenticity. That means black conservatives who are pro-life and know that only women can have babies should be prepared to withstand accusations of racial treason.

Shooters, drug dealers, pimps, sex workers, scammers, and cross-dressers never have their racial identity questioned. You can show up at an award show with black women on leashes or swipe a credit card down a black woman’s backside without fear of reprisal. You can act like a twerking zombie — constantly shaking your butt but dead on the inside — without cultural sanction.

But the moment your politics veer right of center with regard to life, marriage, and gender identity, black cultural gatekeepers in politics and media accuse you of being a tool of white supremacy. The irony of this reality is that the Republican Party would be accused of anti-black racism – and perhaps genocidal tendencies – if a conservative organization ever suggested that the black community is positively impacted by killing our offspring.

But when the party of Black Lives Matter runs on limiting the number of black lives who enter this world, its most loyal voters raise a black power fist in total support.

Perhaps the NAACP should rename itself the National Association for the Abortion of Colored People.

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