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Squires: The ‘Richard Snipp’ letter proves the assault on the black mind and man has been decades in the making
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Squires: The ‘Richard Snipp’ letter proves the assault on the black mind and man has been decades in the making

I recently came across the text of a letter from a man named Richard Snipp. I'm assuming the name is a pseudonym, although he occasionally refers to himself as Dick in other letters. Mr. Snipp's letter appears to be written to political officials who wanted to know how to reach, influence, and ultimately control the minds of black voters.

The letter sounds like a cross between the mythical "Willie Lynch" letter on how to make a slave and C.S. Lewis' "Screwtape Letters," which were fictional instructions from a demon on how to lead a man to damnation. The author's candor and prescience are striking. I invite everyone to read it. Much like the Willie Lynch letter, I can't prove its authenticity (or deny writing it myself), but no one can refute its recipe of total mind control and emasculation of black people.


July 14, 1986

Greetings to all:

I write to you today to help you understand strategies to capture and control the African-American mind. Like a body with an autoimmune disease or a majestic edifice with a cracked foundation, the goal is to get these people to collapse in on themselves, because brute force has never worked on them. The external pressure forced them to fight like a balled fist. We tried to break their families during slavery, but they only grew stronger in emancipation. We banned them from reading and writing so that they would stay ignorant. That only made them thirst for knowledge even more. We tried to keep them from voting. They marched and showed up in droves. We can't pry their fist open. We must make them open it themselves if we want them to lose their power.

Listen to me and I will teach you how.

The first rule you MUST understand: ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING, keep them fixated on race. The second rule is equally straightforward: Teach them to make white people the center of their world. We want them to respond to our views, opinions, values, and actions while they ignore their own.

The goal of the first two rules is to use their pain against them. They know that "race" is a fiction. Some of their scholars even admit as much when they call it a "social construct." This fiction is the central part of their identity since they were stripped of their ethnic heritage through enslavement. It continued to be the central part of their identity when they were assigned second-class citizenship during Jim Crow. Use that history against them. Once you make them see themselves as negro FIRST, even ahead of being human, you can get down to business.

The first place to attack is the family. Start by pitting the men and women against each other. Teach them that the natural family unit should NOT be promoted in public and that marriage is part of white cultural norms. Fill their women's heads with the same feminist propaganda ours have been indulging for some time. Tell them they are fighting oppression on two fronts: men like us in the workplace and their own husbands in the home.

Teach the men that they are oppressors as well. Make their views on children and family sound more like the works of Gloria Steinem than Malcolm X. If we convince them to mimic their women who say unwanted babies are a burden, they'll come to see killing them as freedom and attempts to stop it as bondage. That's exactly what we want.

Convince their women that the government is just as suitable a father as their men. When you do that, men will start to withdraw. They'll realize they are no longer responsible for the children they father. That is good. That one change alone will provide a tremendous return on our investment.

Convince them that "conservatism" is really a code word for racism and conservatives are really closet Klansmen. Dismiss any "bootstrap" talk as conservative so that they reject it. Convince them they have no boots and that their feet don't even work. That will make them easier to carry. That is what we all want. We want them to be sustained by the strength of OUR hands, not their own.

Again, remember the cardinal rule: ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING, keep them fixated on race.

Teach them to be alienated from THEIR country. Frame the country's history with enslavement as the CENTRAL point of this great republic. That way, when they hear "patriot," they'll think of the Italian immigrant before their own kinsmen who fought in every war since this country's founding. Teach them that a government focused on protecting rights is racist but that one focused on providing resources is righteous.

Convince them that their image only matters when we diminish it. Portraying them as oversexed, violent brutes in the early 20th century was thoroughly rejected. We had the wrong messengers. Replace whites promoting that message with their own artists, entertainers, and even civic leaders, and it will stick for multiple generations.

Don't worry about their preachers. They have proved so effective at their job of social transformation that they have abandoned the transformative power of the Gospel for the transactional power of politics. Others are too compromised to be effective moral leaders. Both groups are ill-equipped to deal with the challenges that come with broken families and a culture that rewards dysfunction. As I said before, they have made us the center of their world. They ONLY pay attention to the things WE do, which means the enemies within meet little resistance. Their leaders are watchmen who can't see, warriors who won't fight, and guard dogs who don't bark. We are always looking for those types to put on our payroll.

ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING, keep them fixated on race.

Make them think someone else's opinions of them are more important than how they see themselves. Condition them to see race-hate, regardless of how infrequent it is, as a much more urgent concern than self-hate, regardless of how common it is.

They are starting to murder each other at alarming rates. Good. That's part of the plan. We didn't expect it to start so soon, since they constantly talk about being black and proud. Don't believe it. Make them think cold stares from us are more harmful than hot lead from their own.

These things are useful for any people. Anyone is susceptible to propaganda and misinformation, but those who have dealt with serious trauma, passed on through the generations, are particularly vulnerable to a deeper, more powerful force level of emotional manipulation and spiritual capture.

Police their borders of thought and public opinion with ruthless tenacity. Call any who stray house negroes, Toms, coons, sellouts, and any other name that strikes at what they value most — their racial identity. We CANNOT allow them to start challenging our ideas. Total fealty to THE MESSAGE is what we want.

Condition a Pavlovian response to their skin color. Link their history of being black to being downtrodden and oppressed. Get them to believe anything that is all black is "segregated" and inferior. Don't be fooled by the superficial expressions of race pride. Those only last until a prominent white person says he doesn't want to marry a black woman or won't send his child to their schools. Eventually when they hear the word black, they'll fill in the other words subconsciously. That way you teach them to hate themselves. We need that because a self-hating person is an easily controlled person.

Eventually they'll be torn between viewing race as a socially constructed phenomenon and the essence of their very identity. They will hate the way race has been used against them yet resist any attempts to reduce its social significance. Like a child who needs solid food but can't bring himself to release his mother's teat, they will return to what is comfortable and familiar whenever their social equilibrium is disturbed.

In closing, remember the cardinal rule: ALWAYS and in EVERYTHING, keep them fixated on race. Never let them know that these ideas started in the very institutions they clamor to send their children to. Always make them think this is propaganda from the Klan, not the Ivy League. Do this long enough and even when we all leave for the moon, they'll claim that racism is what's holding them back. Well, at least the ones who stay will. Half will follow us because they want to be wherever we are.

In Control,


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