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Whitlock: New York Mayor Eric Adams, the Dragged King, wears the LGBTQ wedding dress the left requires
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Whitlock: New York Mayor Eric Adams, the Dragged King, wears the LGBTQ wedding dress the left requires

The political left has been planning the wedding of black people to the LGBTQ movement since the days of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.

Bayard Rustin, a gay man, helped organize Dr. King’s march on Washington. Huey Newton, the national leader of the Black Panther Party, argued as early as 1970 for an alliance between black people and gays. In the last two decades, American academia exaggerated and elevated the profoundness of the writing of James Baldwin, a gay novelist in the 1950s.

During his second term as president, Barack Obama gave black voters permission to drop the religious pretense and come out of the closet as bi-political and supportive of same-sex marriage. At the close of Obama’s presidency, black people were officially engaged to the LGBTQ+ movement.

Post-Obama, three black lesbians, the founders of Black Lives Matter, married black people to the LGBTQ community, forming the BLM-LGBTQ+ Alphabet Mafia.

Now, gay is the new black. We’re the mascots, the internationally recognized symbol, for the gay movement and all forms of biblical sexual immorality.

Yesterday, my "Fearless" colleague Delano Squires texted me an internet billboard promoting Drag Queen Story Hour as an event celebrating Juneteenth, the newly federalized national holiday celebrating the end of slavery. The poster references Juneteenth and, of course, includes a reference to Black Lives Matter.

Is there any other racial ethnic group as closely aligned to the gay and trans community as black Americans? What does Juneteenth have to do with drag queens? Nothing. The underlying message is that black people are connected to drag queens and gender dysphoria.

We’re mascots for the Alphabet Mafia.

This is the deal black political elites have cut.

New York Mayor Eric Adams symbolizes the bargain that has been made. Since last Wednesday, Adams has been tweeting up a storm about Juneteenth, LGBTQ issues, and drag queens. As of early this morning, 17 of Adams’ last 30 tweets related to Alphabet Mafia issues. The mayor of America's largest city is obsessed with race and sexuality.

Adams is the second black mayor in the history of New York. He’s a former 20-year New York police officer. He grew up going to church. He previously supported Louis Farrakhan’s vision of black male masculinity and self-responsibility.

New York has a multitude of high-profile issues, including a rise in crime. Eleven tweets about Juneteenth and six about sex and/or drag queens? His priorities are not in proper alignment. Neither are his values.

Eric Adams, like most black political elites, is a Dragged King. His allegiance to leftist ideology has dragged him away from his values.

“Drag storytellers, and the libraries and schools that support them, are advancing a love of diversity, personal expression, and literacy that is core to what our city embraces” Adams tweeted Wednesday.

Black people are locked in an unholy political marriage. We swore matrimonial vows to a movement that directly contradicts biblical values.

“To have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death do us part.”

We’re financially broke, mentally and medically sick, and dying in the womb, at the hospital, and in our communities. The marriage to progressive ideology and secular values is killing us. We’ve had to abandon everything we say we believe to remain loyal to a political ideology that has not improved our condition.

The political left define who we are and what we believe. The regime now requires us to serve as the mascots for gays, trans, and drag queens. I’m not homophobic. But I’ll never support men dressed as women reading books to school children. That’s grooming. I’ll never support biological men competing in sports against biological women. It’s not fair to women or girls. I’ll never support surgeries or puberty blockers that stop young girls and boys from developing naturally. That’s abuse. I’ll never support same-sex marriage. It’s inconsistent with what’s taught in the Bible, no different from how my previous promiscuity made me an inappropriate candidate for marriage.

I’m a Christian. I’m not going to abandon what I believe and join a movement that violates my beliefs because a narrative has been spun that opposition to leftist values is anti-black.

I’m not wearing the clown suit the left has stitched for black people. It’s a wedding dress. I don’t wear dresses. Eric Adams does.

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