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Whitlock: 'American Woman' created the ‘Passport Bros’
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Whitlock: 'American Woman' created the ‘Passport Bros’

Lenny Kravitz is the original Passport Bro.

In 1999, the half-black, half-Jewish rock star covered the 1970 Canadian classic "American Woman," originally performed by the Guess Who. Kravitz won a Grammy for his version of the anti-American ode.

American woman
Stay away from me
American woman
Mama, let me be
Don’t come hangin’ ‘round my door
I don’t wanna see your face no more
I got more important things to do
Than spend my time growin’ old with you

Not long after divorcing American actress Lisa Bonet, a star of “The Cosby Show” at the time, Kravitz dated a series of white foreign starlets – French singer and model Vanessa Paradis, Brazilian model Adriana Lima, and Australian actress Nicole Kidman.

Now woman, stay away
American woman, listen what I say
American woman
Get away from me
American woman
Mama, let me be

I bring all this up because things have turned so icy between black American men and women that there’s now a popular movement called “Passport Bros,” an outgrowth of the black manosphere, the collective of YouTube content creators who discuss issues around American culture’s demonization of masculinity.

Passport Bros are primarily black men who leave America shopping for wives and girlfriends in Brazil, Colombia, Thailand, Costa Rica, the Philippines, and anywhere outside America. They’re men who believe American women, particularly black women, have the wrong values, expectations, worldview, and attitude for a serious relationship. Passport Bros chronicle their search for love and/or sex on YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram. They’re reviled and ridiculed on most social media platforms.

But the movement is growing because the untreated disconnect between American black men and women is growing wider and wider. Black women see their role as leaders of the black community and the primary breadwinners. The Democrat Party, leftists, corporate media, and the LGBTQ movement have partnered with black women in imposing matriarchal culture.

Newton’s third law applies: For every action, there’s an equal and opposite reaction.

With no institution or individual addressing the major rift between black men and women, the men are abandoning American women, searching for women in other countries who are not hostile toward traditional relationship roles.

The yearning for traditional women and pushback against matriarchal culture explains the meteoric rise of social media influencers such as Kevin Samuels and Andrew Tate. Samuels died unexpectedly last year. He had built a huge following discussing black women’s unreasonable relationship expectations. Tate postures as hyper-masculine. The Romanian government is investigating him for operating a sex-trafficking ring. Tate says the investigation is fraudulent and an attempt to silence a loud voice fighting against the emasculation of men.

Tate, who is mixed race, advises men to date and marry Muslim women.

These issues should all be addressed strongly within the black church. But the church is mostly silent because the black church primarily caters to black women.

Corporate media basically forbids any discussion that promotes a Christian, male, heterosexual perspective.

Look at the reaction to my comments on Tucker Carlson’s show last week. I argued that the destruction of the nuclear family drives the chaos, violence, and bad policing we see in black communities. I argued the absence of male leadership dooms black communities.

Rather than debate these obvious facts, reaction across most social and mainstream media platforms focused on the timing of my comments and/or whether I was fair to Cerelyn Davis, the female police chief installed to fix Memphis’ violent crime problem.

We’re forbidden to even discuss the fact that 60 years of Great Society legislation have turned black men and women into enemies incapable of sustaining marriage, developing masculine men, and maintaining order in their communities.

Things are so bad between us that success is defined as moving into all-white neighborhoods, being allies to drag queens, and affirming queer theory. It’s so bad that black men of means are getting passports to find women outside America.

Passport Bros is a thing because you can’t sustain a relationship on racial idolatry or racial victimization. That’s the common ground for black men and women at this point: “Hey, we’ve both experienced racism; let’s date.”

Heterosexual, masculine men seek long-term relationships with women whom they find common ground with about roles in the relationship. Men of faith seek women whom they find common ground with about biblical values.

If a woman thinks being an ally to the LGBTQ Alphabet Mafia is more important than being an ally to God, there’s going to be a problem in the relationship. If she objects to male leadership in the relationship, there’s going to be a problem.

Our marriage rate is low and our divorce rate astronomical because we don’t agree on the basic fundamentals. The discord over fundamentals leads to baby-mama culture. Baby-mama culture leads to train-wreck neighborhoods and communities.

Baby-mama drama is driving men to acquire passports and look elsewhere for relationships. You can lie to yourself and claim these men are bitter or aren’t man enough to deal with a so-called strong black American woman.

American woman, said get away
American woman, listen what I say
Don’t come a hangin’ around my door
Don’t want to see your face no more
I don’t need your war machines
I don’t need your ghetto scenes

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