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Whitlock: Joe Rogan, N-word reparations, and how the left controls public discourse
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Whitlock: Joe Rogan, N-word reparations, and how the left controls public discourse

Comedian and podcaster Joe Rogan said the N-word. He is white. He is not allowed to use the N-word, the steroid for comedy, music, and other forms of entertainment.

The N-word is part of a reparations package that black people negotiated with the Ku Klux Klan and other white liberals following the Democrats’ failure to support the Emancipation Proclamation and the ending of Jim Crow Laws.

White liberals now serve as the N-word police. They enforce black people’s exclusive right to denigrate and define themselves with the word. The N-word is Bitcoin for black people. It’s our most prized possession. Popular black comedians and rappers treat it like an American Express. They wouldn’t think of taking the stage or hitting the recording booth without it. Black violent criminals frequently use the word when killing or assaulting a black victim. Black people use it to show other black people that they’re really black and not uppity black.

There’s seemingly nothing more authentically black than calling yourself and other black people the N-word.

The fact that white people must be granted an exemption card by the Democratic Party to use the N-word makes using the word feel even blacker.

Joe Rogan is not in good standing with the Democratic Party. His willingness to interview doctors who contradict the Democrats’ narrative on COVID and experimental vaccines nullified the exemption he received for supporting Bernie Sanders.

During the 12 years of his podcast, Rogan repeatedly spoke the N-word. Not as a pejorative. He spoke it in the context of relating a story accurately. The white liberal enforcement arm now wants to cancel Joe Rogan.

Rogan made the mistake of apologizing. The CEO of Spotify apologized to his staffers for Rogan previously using the word. There isn’t one person on the planet legitimately offended by Rogan’s use of the word. They would have been offended in real time, not retroactively.

We must end N-word reparations.

Black people proudly claiming the word as our exclusive right is arguably the dumbest, most racist act of the last 60 years. It’s the equivalent of claiming the murder of black men as our exclusive right.

Oh wait, we’ve done that. We kill each other with frequency and impunity, write music celebrating it, and only get upset when white people violate our exclusive right to kill each other.

We will step over 100 dead black bodies shot in neighborhood disputes to weep at the grave of Ahmaud Arbery or George Floyd.

Black murder and the N-word are in the same reparations package we signed with the KKK and the Democratic Party.

Who cut this deal, the people who sold Babe Ruth to the New York Yankees for $100,000? Did Master P cut it after wrapping up the infamous Ricky Williams-New Orleans Saints contract?

Do you know how dumb and/or satanic you have to be to argue that the worst word in the dictionary is your exclusive right to use? Or to argue that you’ve turned that word into a term of endearment, a positive?

No one really believes that. The N-word is just another tool in the racial playbook of the Democratic Party. No one believes Joe Rogan is racist. There is a group of people in power who want him silenced. They’re using the race card to silence him.

Democrats know that comedians play a critical role in public discourse. Comedians and ministers have traditionally been authorized to speak uncomfortable truths. They set the tone for what is allowed to be debated in the public square. For the past five years, all comedians have been cracking the same Donald Trump joke. They were united in their resistance to Trump.

With Trump out of office, comedians such as Rogan, Bill Maher, Dave Chappelle, and even Jon Stewart are returning to their traditional roles of nonpartisanship and truth-speaking to power. Comedians are naturally inquisitive. They’re not politically correct. They say what’s not supposed to be said and ask questions that are not supposed to be asked. They’re fearless.

Rogan is being attacked as a message to all the other white comedians. You will be smeared as racist. Chappelle is black. He’s been smeared as anti-LGBTQ. He’s homophobic and transphobic.

White liberals fear comedians and ministers, strange allies. Great comedians and great ministers share a love of truth.

Accusations of racism, homophobia, and transphobia are being used to silence truth.

This is all covered in the fine print of the reparations deal Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton cut with the Democratic Party. Anything that destroys truth and denigrates and kills black people is exclusively owned by black people and white liberals with an approved exemption card.

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