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Whitlock: Barack Obama, BLM, and the summer of George Floyd contributed to ‘Uvalde massacre’
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Whitlock: Barack Obama, BLM, and the summer of George Floyd contributed to ‘Uvalde massacre’

Yesterday, Barack Obama wrote and published the dumbest tweet in the history of Twitter. The former president stood George Floyd on the dead bodies of 19 slaughtered children.

“As we grieve the children of Uvalde today, we should take the time to recognize that two years have passed since the murder of George Floyd under the knee of a police officer. His killing stays with us all to this day, especially those who loved him.”

President Obama wasn’t done. He went on: “In the aftermath of his murder, a new generation of activists rose up to channel their anguish into organized action, launching a movement to raise awareness of systemic racism and the need for criminal justice and police reform.”

He then told his 132 million Twitter followers how they could get involved with “reimagining policing.”

George Floyd’s death certainly reimagined policing. You can see the consequences of Saint George’s reimagined police force in the reluctant and deliberative reaction to 18-year-old psychopath Salvador Ramos entering an elementary school and opening fire on second-, third-, and fourth-graders. Ramos killed 19 kids and two adults because he had nearly an hour inside the school without facing resistance. While children were gunned down, police stood in the parking lot for close to 40 minutes debating what exactly to do. They rejected man’s natural, masculine instinct to sacrifice their safety and lives in protection of women and children.

Man’s instincts have been reimagined in the last two decades. We’ve been told by the left and feminists that our masculinity is toxic. Police have been told by the Democratic Party and radical political activists that George Floyd, Jacob Blake, Rayshard Brooks, Eric Garner, and Breonna Taylor’s trigger-pulling boyfriend are the real heroes and law enforcement is the villain.

We’ve incentivized police to stand down, stand back, and give criminals a safe space to work out their frustrations, smash and grab, shoplift, argue over routine traffic stops, and murder.

Obama’s veneration of George Floyd is an outgrowth of a cultural rot sweeping America. We’ve made heroes of men who contributed nothing to our society and demonized men whose jobs require them to risk everything.

Having lost a close relative to police misconduct, I can empathize with George Floyd and his family. I feel sorry for Floyd. Former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin should have taken his knee off Floyd’s back far sooner. Chauvin’s misconduct likely contributed to Floyd’s tragic death.

But the last nine minutes of George Floyd’s life do not make him a hero. Heroes are not made lying face-down in the street, high on fentanyl, gasping for air. Heroes charge into burning buildings to save the lives of people they do not know. Heroes are killed after they pass legislation ending slavery and segregation. Heroes work two jobs to provide for their kids, suffer through marriage counseling to honor their sacred covenant, and coach little league teams.

Heroes have far more on their resume than “victim.” Floyd’s resume is littered with bad decisions, petty crimes, occasional violence, and pornography.

Barack Obama wants to romanticize George Floyd. It’s not surprising given Obama’s own resume. He’s mixed race, half black, half white. He grew up in Hawaii raised by white people. He attended elite schools, including Harvard. Obama desires street cred, but he knows absolutely nothing about the streets other than what he gleaned from watching the hit HBO show "The Wire."

Obama naively thinks Floyd is the "Wire" character Bubbles, a well-intentioned, gold-hearted dope fiend. The truth is, based on his criminal record, Floyd is more like an older, just-released-from-prison version of Marquis “Bird” Hilton, the violent enforcer Omar Little framed for murder. I’m not arguing that Floyd got what he deserved. But no one on the streets cried when Omar lied about “Bird” in court.

“The game is out there. It’s either play or get played” – Omar Little.

You swallow enough drugs, commit enough crimes, resist arrest long enough, and the game is going to get you. That’s what happened to George Floyd. Anyone with an ounce of street sense knows this.

Obama’s sense is all political. It’s not street.

He and his political teammates are promoting chaos within the United States to force this country to get on board with the globalist agenda and new world order. America must fall. There’s no quicker path to destruction and chaos than the undermining of law and order.

The demonization of law enforcement and celebration of criminality are as intentional as the feminization of American men. Men are being baited to reject their natural masculine instinct.

Would the same number of firefighters run into the burning World Trade Center Towers in 2022 as did in 2001? I’d say the number would be cut in half. Two decades ago, men were rewarded and celebrated for acts of heroism, acts of masculinity, and patriotism. Back then, we still saved our highest praise for the men and women who at least tried to do the right thing.

Today, the promoters of immorality share and/or dominate our biggest stages of adulation. Snoop Dogg crip-walking during the Super Bowl halftime show was portrayed as a sign of progress. Cardi B got a one-on-one interview with presidential candidate Joe Biden. George Floyd is more revered than David Dorn or any cop.

Police officers do not earn huge salaries. We augmented their salaries with respect and reverence. Now that Obama, Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and corporate media have eliminated respect and reverence from a cop’s paycheck, we should not be surprised that law enforcement personnel are more reluctant to risk their lives.

What happened in Uvalde, Texas, is no different from what has been going on in America’s major cities in the aftermath of George Floyd. Police officers are reluctant to engage with criminals, and violent crime has skyrocketed because of it.

As Barack Obama pretends to grieve for the children in Texas, he should make time to recognize that America’s emotional and immature reaction to George Floyd contributed to the slaughter of 19 little kids.

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