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Whitlock: Secular values and daddy issues destroyed Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career
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Whitlock: Secular values and daddy issues destroyed Colin Kaepernick’s NFL career

Colin Kaepernick’s sense of entitlement is a byproduct of America’s embrace of secular values.

Entitlement is the antithesis of gratitude, the spirit of thankfulness promoted by traditional religious faith. Christians believe Jesus died on the cross so that we don’t have to. Kaepernick, the former NFL quarterback, has spent the last six years advancing the idea that NFL ownership crucified and banished him for protesting white supremacy. Based on his alleged crucifixion, he has developed a religious following that includes fervent disciples.

Earlier this week, on their "I Am Athlete" podcast, former NFL stars Brandon Marshall, Chad Johnson, and Pacman Jones sat at Kaepernick’s feet, sought his wisdom, and then preached the gospel of Kap.

The gospel of Kap says the NFL owes the quarterback a job. His career must be resurrected to save the souls of racist league owners. Kap is the chosen one. The salvation of his career is critical for the salvation of man.

The gospel of Kap is consistent with the bible of secular values popular in modern America. As America has embraced secularism, the spirit of the age rejects gratitude and makes idols of narcissists who nail themselves to crosses.

Kaepernick is not the only self-appointed chosen one. His mindset of entitlement is pervasive. Nearly everyone with a social media platform believes they’re an undiscovered god or that they’re the debt collector for their idol.

An idol is anyone or anything viewed as worthy of blind worship, admiration, or devotion. America is sick with idolatry. The debt Christians believe we owe Jesus has been transferred to the LGBTQ, feminists, transgender, and people of color. Under the guise of seeking social justice, many religious leaders have surrendered to race idolatry, LGBTQ idolatry, the idolatry of women.

Idolatry is often referred to by code names such as diversity, inclusion, equity, the matriarchy.

The popular Twitter feed Libs of TikTok is in the crosshairs of the Washington Post and the secular movement because it exposes the depravity of LGBTQ idolators. Libs of TikTok posts videos of LGBTQ teachers explaining the necessity of teaching LGBT sexuality and transgenderism to young children.

Tuesday, the Washington Post published a story revealing the identity of the woman who runs Libs of TikTok. The purpose of the story was to intimidate and silence the woman. Libs of TikTok has been highly effective at alerting parents to the gender and sexuality grooming happening inside classrooms.

Parents are responsible for grooming and educating children about sex and gender, not schoolteachers.

Christian ministers are responsible for preaching the gospel as spelled out in the Bible. Unfortunately, many ministers have surrendered to the idolatry of race. Their sermons analogize the actions of Jesus to Barack Obama, Donald Trump, Ketanji Brown Jackson, or even Colin Kaepernick.

Kaepernick’s delusion isn’t difficult to understand. Idolatry breeds entitlement. The culture of entitlement fuels Kaepernick’s lack of self-awareness. He’s completely oblivious that his entitled attitude is the primary reason he hasn’t worked in the NFL the past five seasons.

Racism did not undercut Kaepernick’s career. Had Kaepernick embraced a spirit of gratitude, he might have reached all of his NFL aspirations. He’d certainly still be employed in the league.

NFL ownership is not at the root of Kaepernick’s problems. He can’t let go of the bitterness he feels about being abandoned by his biological father and mother. His mother gave him up for adoption. His father has never been identified.

That’s a difficult scar for any individual to overcome. A Christian spirit of gratitude would compel Kaepernick to focus on the blessing of his adoptive parents, the Kaepernicks. Rather than believing the world wronged him, Kaepernick would believe the world blessed him with two parents who overlooked their race and unconditionally loved a child who was not theirs by birth.

That is not Kaepernick’s mindset. You could see his lack of gratitude in the way he allowed Netflix to portray his parents in the ridiculous movie about his upbringing.

In the movie "Colin in Black and White," Kaepernick portrayed his parents and the NFL as racist. He analogized the NFL to a slave planatation and insinuated that his parents did not want him to date black women.

You could argue that no one has done more for Kaepernick than his parents and the NFL. His attitude suggests that neither his parents nor the NFL have done enough for him.

Colin Kaepernick is the embodiment of America’s secular values. He’s clueless and entitled.

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