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Glenn announces merger of TheBlaze and CRTV

TheBlaze and CRTV announced today the merger of the two companies into a newly named company, Blaze Media. The new company will have a monthly multi-platform reach of over 165 million, and will be the largest independent, traditionally conservative multi-platform media company in the United States.

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Pat Gray Unleashed

CNN analyst Areva Martin tells radio host, David Webb, he is successful because of 'White Privilege'

On Thursday's episode of "Pat Gray Unleashed," Pat Gray and Keith Malinak discussed CNN analyst Areva Martin's interview with "Fox Nation" host David Webb.

Martin, a black woman, derailed the interview when she accused Webb, a black man, of only having realized success "by virtue of his white privilege."

Webb corrected Martin, and explained that he is a black man and was offended that she would attribute his success to the color of his skin, calling Martin's statement, "insulting."

Martin attempted to walk her comment back but made the situation worse when she apologized for not being made aware that Webb is a black man, rather than apologizing for being racist.

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