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'Trump has essentially made the press insignificant': Candace Owens on the REAL reason the left wants to shut down WH briefings

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Trump's daily coronavirus updates have been a HUGE hit

In an exclusive GlennTV interview, Blexit founder Candace Owens explains how — much to the dismay of the leftist media — President Donald Trump is knocking it out of the park with his daily coronavirus press briefings.

"People are looking to this president and saying 'Wow, this guy is really leading,' and ... they [leftists] want people to stop seeing that," Candace said. "It's also humanized him. He's got that one-on-one, FDR, fireside-chat-thing going on. And it's not good for the left. They're getting angry and saying, 'Let's just shut it down completely so we can control the narrative.' But they can no longer control the narrative. Trump has essentially made the press insignificant, and at the same time, the press created him. They've made him significant from the beginning because they can't stop covering him."

Watch the video below to catch more of the conversation:

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