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#MAGAKIDS: Steven Crowder gives his top three takeaways

Louder with Crowder

'Never forget that we are at war'

On this episode of "Louder With Crowder," host Steven Crowder discussed his top three lessons that should have been learned from the 'MAGA Kids Hoax."

Unless you live under a rock, you have likely heard about the group of Covington Catholic High School students who have been at the center of the mainstream media peddling a false narrative that has left teenage boys in the middle of a social media firestorm. Click here and here for more details.

Lesson one: Sleep on it. When it comes to a sensational story, it is always a good idea to allow details to emerge before taking a position.

Lesson two: Don't be too eager to call out your own. Don't be willing to sacrifice fellow conservatives to seem reasonable on social media.

Lesson three: We're at war. Never forget that bad people will spread lies and ruin lives to push the leftist agenda. Keep your guard up.

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