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Some journalists, SJWs walk back Covington story. Others apparently love the false premise too much.


'Have you ever seen a more punchable face than this kid's?'

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It's been quite the hoot watching journalists and social-justice warriors get caught up in yet another fake news story, dispensed to the Internet — whodathunk it? — before all the facts were in.

But more and more on Monday, folks were walking back their initial conclusions about the Covington student story — at first insisting with self-righteous glee that a group of white teens wearing Trump hats surrounded and taunted a Native America on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial last week only to learn that full context told a much different story.

Still, some notables just couldn't let go:

Then there were the following folks who deleted their tweets about the incident; too bad for them the Internet has a pretty long memory:

You have to wonder how Reza Aslan — dropped by CNN of all places in 2017 after profanity-laced tweets against Trump — figured posting this message was a good idea:

The repentant

Recode editor and New York Times contributing op-ed writer Kara Swisher deleted a tweet saying she was thinking of "finding every one of these s**tty kids and giving them a very large piece of my mind," as well as tweets about the students using slurs like "Nazi" and "nationalist," according to Mediaite.

But Swisher eventually came around and admitted she was at fault, tweeting Monday that she was "a complete dolt to put up this and several other obnoxious tweets yesterday without waiting to see the whole video of the incident and I apologize to the kids from Kentucky unilaterally and also for using that clip to make another point about, of all things, a razor ad."

Other notable folks reversed their positions, too:

A repentant Cincinnati-based writer Julia Irwin Zimmerman wrote for the Atlantic that "next time there's a viral story, I'll wait for more facts to emerge."

Larger breakdown

CBS News correspondent David Begnaud rounded things out, noting in a video segment that the incident did not take place as originally reported:

(H/T: Mediaite)

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