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Family claims 15-year-old was expelled from Christian school over LGBT birthday cake — school says there's more to the story


"I feel judged, she feels judged, very just devastating for us."

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The family of a 15-year-old says she was expelled from a private Christian school in Louisville, Kentucky, over a Facebook post from her birthday party, but the school claims the media is misrepresenting the story.

"I feel judged, she feels judged, very just devastating for us," said Kimberly Alford, the mother of Kayla Kenney.

The family says that she celebrated her fifteenth birthday with a rainbow colored cake while wearing a rainbow design on her shirt. They posted video of the celebration on Facebook and it was shared with staff of the Whitefield Academy.

That's when she was expelled from the school.

The family says the cause was the rainbow colored cake and the shirt, which are taken as symbols of support for the LGBT political cause, but the school says that was the tip of the iceberg.

While they did cite the rainbow cake and shirt as being contrary to the values of the school, they added that Kenney had violated their code numerous times previous to her birthday, and that they had spoken to the family about the issue.

The family claims they did not intend the cake to be about sexual orientation.

"I do not think Kayla should be held accountable for a cake that I purchased with no intention of promoting a posture of morality and cultural acceptance that contradicts that of Whitefield Academy," Alford said.

"The only celebration that was taking place was my daughter's 15th birthday," she added.

Here's a local news video about the cake expulsion:

'Lifestyle violation': 9th grader expelled over Facebook birthday photo with rainbow cake, T-shirt www.youtube.com

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