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Afghan Koran Burning Protest Leads to Violence and Gunfire


Five protesters and two police were injured when a group of Muslims protesting a Florida pastor's possible Koran burning stormed a NATO compound in Afghanistan.

According to CBS News, there are also reports that up to three people have been killed in the altercation, but those reports are yet to be confirmed.

Here's how the event unfolded:

Brig. Gen. Hussain Safawy, the acting police chief of Badakhshan, told CBS News' Fazul Rahim that a peaceful protest march after Friday prayers at the local Mosque turned tense as the demonstrators reached the German-controlled base.

Safawy said protesters broke down the first perimeter gate surrounding the base and beat Afghan security guards and police on duty with sticks. The police fired warning shots in the air before allegedly receiving fire from the direction of the crowd.

Police officers then returned fire, Safawy said. Five protesters and two police were injured in the melee, but Safawy was unable to confirm media reports that as many as three protesters were killed in the gunfire.

According to the report, German troops never got involved.

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