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France: A case study in moral degradation


What happens when a country completely abandons a moral and principled lifestyle and replaces it with a 'feel good' society? Look no farther than France, where a local town's nudists are expressing shock at just how far south things have gone. The Telegraph reports:

"Tensions in the town of Cap d'Agde, which is known as France's "Naked City" thanks to its large nudist population, have risen after locals complained that the nudist quarter had been overrun by raunchy hotels and that children had been confronted with people indulging in sexual acts in public"

Ah yes, the children of the nudists are being exposed to the depraved lifestyle of the free sex people. How in the world could this happen? And to the sweet, innocent nudists of all people.

Could it be that France's open distain for organized religion, and devotion to secularism (France is known as the most secular nation in Europe - and that's saying something) have anything to do with this type of behavior? Ah, it's probably just a coincidence.

Oh, if you read the story from the Telegraph, make sure NOT to look at the picture. It only serves as further evidence that nudists are never the people you want to be nudists.

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