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When pigs fly, or hippos turn pink


Loyal blog readers know of my Christmas fanaticism. So when I saw a story about a pink hippo, only one thing crossed my mind. But more about that in a moment -- first the story.

The pink hippo was spotted during a hunting trip in Kenya. From the Telegraph:

According to the brothers, the hippo is leucitic and not albino as it had some pigmented spots and dark eyes. Leucistic animals often do not survive in the wild as they are visible to predators and get sunburnt. Hippos however are large enough to fend off rare attackers, while their sweat as sunscreen.

Back to my Christmas craze. What is the one thing that went through my mind as soon as I saw this? Enjoy the following. And please, no hate mail if it's stuck in your head all day too:

[youtube expand=1]

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