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Cheerleader uniforms too skimpy for cheerleaders


Nobody on the internet does a better job at making me want to click stories than the Yahoo homepage.  I'm always sucked in by at least one of the four stories on the main page.  Today though, they're chasing a bit of low hanging fruit.  My guess is that they're probably doing pretty well with the Perv's 25-54 demographic after this headline.

Cheerleaders protest too-skimpy uniforms

Cheerleaders at a Connecticut high school say their outfits are demeaning and inappropriate. See their getups

I intentionally turned the link off, but put the underline below it to make it look like a link.  You know...to test you.  You didn't click it did you?  Did you????  Pathetic.

I didn't.

No, you can't check my browser history.

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