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O'Donnell vs Coons


We're all sitting around the hotel watching the debate (Just a bunch of dudes sitting around watching C-SPAN.  What's the big deal?)  Overall, she's been well prepared and has given a lot of good answers on the typical social conservative trap type of questions: rape/incest abortion, don't ask-don't tell, stem cells etc.  She's done better than I expected, though I didn't have particularly high hopes.  The one thing you can say for her is that she's clearly better in a debate than the Witch/Anti-masturbation/moron/maniac she's been portrayed as.  She didn't seem like she'd be unsafe to send to the Senate, which should help her.

But, there was one moment that will make up most of the main stream medias programming schedule tomorrow.  An open ended question "What recent supreme court decision do you disagree with?"  She basically said, "I'm not sure of the top of my head, I'll put it on my website."  She cited some state level cases, and went over Roe vs Wade, etc.  But, she didn't really have an answer.

Open ended questions like that are difficult, which is why they asked them.  And probably why they asked her first.  When they asked Coons the same question--with a couple of minutes to prepare--they let him get away with the Citizen's United case...something they had already discussed.

In other words, he didn't have an answer either.  He just recycled a topic from earlier in the debate.  Neither had any clue, because when slightly pressed for another example outside of Citizens United, Coons had nothing.  Zero.  Of course, no one will show his non-answer tomorrow.  Just hers.

Note to every candidate from now on: have an answer ready for that question.

Also, in Coons closing comments he said he appreciated the interesting 90 minutes of debate.  But, he clearly wrote the comments before the debate.  How did he know the 90 minutes would be interesting?  Does he have supernatural powers?  Is he a WITCH?????

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