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Oprah Gives New Stewart/Colbert Rally Her Blessing


"No one is quite sure what it is going to be yet."

Last night, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert announced that they are combining their rallies into one: the "Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear.” The new rally then garnered the support of Oprah, who appeared on the show via satellite to offer everyone a ride trip (much like Arianna Huffington).

Colby Hall sets up the announcement like this:

Stephen Colbert said it best: “Just for the record Jon, your rally is supposed to be about sanity, and that was insane!” The ten minute comedy bit somehow started with Wolf Blitzer’s inquisition of Christine O’Donnell’s [witch] denial, turned to a surprise cameo by Stephen Colbert (appropriately clad in a “invisibility cloak”) and ended with Oprah Winfrey appearing live via satellite to offer each audience member a trip to the rally. It was, in short, awesome television.

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Oprah is not the only one going gaga over the event. According to a New York Times report, the news media is also hoping to douse itself in fear and sanity on October 30th:

Most national news organizations have made requests for credentials to cover the event, and almost 300,000 people have so far signed up to attend. What Mr. Stewart’s cable network, Comedy Central, is labeling “satellite rallies” have been scheduled in more than 40 locations nationally and at least six foreign countries.

While many will be covering the event, not everyone is clear on what exactly they will be covering. A political event? A comedy routine? Neither? Both?

The Times sums it up: "no one is quite sure what it is going to be yet."

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