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Womens Media Center Shills for Couric, Amanpour


It really gets me steamed when so-called "women's" groups insert gender politics where they don't belong and claim to represent things they don't.  Take for instance the latest example of the Women's Media Center, a group co-founded by Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem that claims today's media is in "crisis" due to the lack of estrogen on the airwaves.

In a sad attempt to make sure their preferred women stay on the air, the WMC is hosting a "Watch In," encouraging women viewers to watch CBS News' Katie Couric and ABC's Christiane Amanpour -- two network anchors whose ratings leave much to be desired.

Unfortunately, we're on the verge of losing two women whose expertise represents the perspectives of 51% of the population: Christiane Amanpour and Katie Couric.

Despite Amanpour and Couric's innumerable accomplishments, expertise, and conscious efforts to have as many women as men on as guests, their shows have experienced poor ratings this summer. And ratings drive decision-making at the networks.

Simply put, there's one way to support these inclusive women anchors: watch their shows!

First of all, Couric and Amanpour are not in trouble because they're women; their shows are failing because people don't want to watch them.  Amanpour's anti-war politics bleed through every report and America apparently preferred Katie Couric as a fun and perky morning host on Today rather than a left-leaning journalist perched in a nightly news anchor chair.

Second of all, I take offense to the fact WMC believes these two professional women represent "the perspectives of 51% of the population."  I wonder if you'd make the same claim about Ann Coulter or defend Michelle Malkin against the onslaught of sexist and racial attacks she and other conservative women face everyday.  Just because Couric and Amanpour are women does not mean they represent me.

Finally, the best way to get more women into media positions is not to tweet messages to your lock-step feminist friends demanding they watch awful television shows.  Since you narrowly support only so-called "progressive" women in media, your real goals have more to do with politics than actual gender equality.  The fact is that there are LOTS of women in the media, and if the WMC could get past their "progressive" views, they'd see that.  But if their standards extend only as far as women like Couric, Amanpour and Rachel Maddow, then their efforts for women in media are going nowhere.

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