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MoveOn.org hopes you stomp some heads


The unfortunate head-stomping incident in Kentucky should provide a valuable lesson for everyone on what not to do. Sure, this is a contentious political season and energy levels are high, but you have to keep emotions in check -- if for no other reason than head-stomping incidents are exactly what people like MoveOn.org want you to do.

The group's website specifically encourage their members to throw gas on a fire to try and capture angry opponents on tape.  Tips on Earning Media Attention (emphases mine):

Here's some tips to help you earn the best media coverage possible:

Be flexible. You'll want to have a plan, but be ready to adapt and make quick decisions on-the-fly.

Find the Republican candidate. Our interaction with the Republican candidate will be the most media-worthy part of the event. Don't expect to get very close while carrying signs or an over-sized certificate, but instead get a pair of people (the RepubliCorp spokesperon and a videographer or photographer) to join the greeting line, and present a small version of the award to the candidate.

Find the media and go to them. Your action is for the media. Our goal is to reach undecided or swing voters with a message about the RepubliCorps takeover of Congress. For that reason, everything you do should be for the media, or for taking our own video and pictures that we then share. You don't need to engage or persuade anyone at Republican events, and you should avoid spending time talking to them.

Stage a scene for Republican candidate's supporters.The reactions of a candidate's supporters to the RepubliCorp brand is a compelling part of the event. Try to position at least one scene near or in the crowd of supporters, and try to capture their response to your action on video.

First and foremost, we should all be on the lookout for potential violence and do everything we can to stop it before it starts.  But also be on the lookout for triggers that are specifically meant to get you riled out -- be the bigger person and just walk away.

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