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Meghan McCain offers her predictions for today:

--Sharron Angle beating Harry Reid, followed by an uncomfortable and possibly bitter concession speech from Harry Reid. ...

--Charlie Crist, an independent beating Marco Rubio, throwing a wrench in the Tea Party and extreme right winners of the night. I think what will be more interesting than his likely win is how exactly the Republican purists and the rest of Washington will treat him. ...

--I am one of the few of the mind-set that Christine O’Donnell could actually pull this thing off. Followed by last week’s sexist “one night stand” story and the overwhelming media fascination (or horror depending on which way you look at it), I think people could come out in surprise numbers and actually elect this woman. A perverse side of me would like to see how she actually plays out as senator. But the logical side of me is more scared of the idea of a woman elected senator that is unfamiliar with the First Amendment...

--Alaska is fascinating because it will either confirm or deny Sarah Palin’s reign as kingmaker. If I were putting money down on it in Vegas, my bet would be with Lisa Murkowski with the write-in win. If she does win, look for Sarah Palin to blame all media and, more than likely, a memorable concession speech from Joe Miller.

She also offers such original commentary as:

Whatever happens in the election, I believe it will be just as much a commentary on the disappointment of President Obama and the failed liberal policies of his administration as on the failure of the rest of Washington.


Get your popcorn ready for tomorrow night, there will probably be more than a few upsets and memorable YouTube moments. Tomorrow night is the Super Bowl and the first real tangible backlash from the euphoria of the past that was the fantasy of “hope and change.”

Makes you want to rush out and buy her book, doesn't it?

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