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Tough': Rahm Emanuel Releases First Video Ad in Chicago Mayoral Race


"I think we're at a crossroads."

It shouldn't be a surprise that the first Rahm Emanuel campaign video would be called "Tough," right?

I guess that's a soft kind of tough. With a great Obamanian straw man moment -- yeah, there is a big contingent arguing to make Chicago a "second-tier city." But this whole "tough" thing doesn't seem to square with the current Politico take: "Nicer Emanuel woos Chicago voters":

CHICAGO — Rahm Emanuel has a message for the voters of Chicago: No more Mr. Tough Guy.

The brash Beltway dealmaker—who was toiling as President Barack Obama’s chief staff six short weeks ago—officially announced his bid for mayor Saturday in a packed elementary school gym on Chicago’s north side, showing his softer, emotional side in an event that sought to downsize one of Washington's biggest personalities for a local audience.

It's not a problem that two "prominent African-American officials" just announced their candidacies, is it?

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