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Palin Targeted: White Powder Mailed to 'Dancing With the Stars


A mysterious white powder was discovered at ABC's Dancing with the Stars studio in Hollywood late Friday.

A member of the show's staff reportedly found a white substance in an envelope that prompted an evacuation.  The substance was later confirmed to be non-toxic.

Some media outlets are reporting that the powder was found in an envelope addressed to Bristol Palin.  New York Daily News reports:

Police and emergency responders arrived at the scene at the CBS Television City studio on Friday night, and evacuated part of the building while they investigated.

Shortly after the report emerged, ABC released a statement confirming the substance was harmless. ...

Palin, who has managed to avoid elimination on the show despite posting lower scores than her opponents, has taken quite a bit of heat from "Dancing" fans and fellow competitors for her continued success.

She has battled rumors of having a "diva" attitude on set, and conspiracy theories that a right-wing voting block has manipulated the system to keep her on the show each week.

Appearing on Fox News' 'On the Record' earlier Friday evening, Palin and her dancing partner talked about the so-called "controversy" surrounding their placement in the competition's final round:

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