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Matthews Claims GOP Longs to Return to Pre-Civil War Days


"You are dramatically overstating that..."

Raise your hand if you're a conservative who's been accused of wanting to bring back slavery. It's an absurd claim/assumption and I'm pretty sick of hearing it from disgruntled libs.

But Virginia's Republican Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli stayed surprisingly cool Thursday as MSNBC host Chris Matthews characterized conservatives' support for a possible repeal of a Constitutional amendment as support for slavery and segregation.

Once Cuccinelli explained that the proposed repeal was just an "attempt to bring back the balance of authority between the federal government and what goes on in the states," the MSNBC host continued "dramatically" overstate his false assumptions, suggesting the separatist attorney general wanted to take America back to the Antebellum era (h/t Newsbusters):

Matthews: You know who's gonna like this? The old Johnny Rebs are gonna love it. This is, this is Antebellum. It just, it seems to me, you don't really feel yourself 100 percent a citizen of the country. You like to feel yourself a little more a citizen of Virginia, like Virginia is like somehow a different country. Or these states are all different countries."

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