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The View' Mocks Boehner's '60 Minutes' Crying: 'This Guy Has an Emotional Problem


"Every time he talks about anything that's not 'raise taxes,' he cries."

Whoopi Goldberg imitated him. Sherri Shepherd* clapped. Joy Behar cackled. Barbara Walters said he has an "emotional problem." That's how a majority of "The View" hosts treated John Boehner's candid emotions on Sunday night's "60 Minutes" interview.

"This guy has an emotional problem," Walters said of Boehner on Monday's show. "Every time he talks about anything that's not 'raise taxes,' he cries." Boehner cried multiple times during the interview, including when talking about young kids and the American dream.

Earlier, Whoopi Goldberg mocked Boehner by pretending to cry while describing the interview. Joy Behar then went on to call him a hypocrite for being a self-made man but not having empathy for the middle class. That seems an odd statement considering the recent tax compromise between the president and congressional Republicans included tax rate extensions for all Americans.

The only host to defend Boehner was conservative Elizabeth Hasselbeck.

"Let's not crucify a man for getting emotional," Hasselbeck said. "He's probably a fine man who cares and if he wants to give small businesses tax breaks so they can hire somebody so they can have a job...you can't just brush him like that and say that he's a bad guy."

(H/T: HuffPo)

*This story has been updated. Shepherd's name has been added as the correct name.

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